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How to Start a Successful Online Business

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Embark on your online business journey with our comprehensive series of articles, designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, step by step. Whether you have limited or no prior business experience, these meticulously crafted articles cater to individuals of all levels, ensuring easy comprehension and assimilation of the topics covered.

How to start from zero to hero!

There are numerous suggestions for establishing a business, but few for establishing a successful one. This page contains multiple guides to assist you on your entrepreneurial voyage.
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About Competitors:

A guide to help you become more competitive and successful.

What is a Competitive Analysis?

A competitive analysis is an excellent strategy for identifying main competitors. You can research their products, sales levels, and marketing strategies through competitive analysis. The main forte of this analysis is to help you develop tactics or strategies to improve over your competitors.  

The competitive analysis helps you understand your competitors and their modus operandi. Furthermore, it gives you the tools to discover their strengths and weaknesses to overtake them.  

  How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis?

  • To conduct a competitive analysis, you can follow these steps:

a) Identify your main competitors.

b) Gather information about their products, pricing, distribution channels, target market, and marketing strategies.

c) Analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

d) Compare your own business against your competitors.

e) Identify areas where you can improve and develop strategies to gain a competitive edge.

How to Achieve Competitive Advantage?

  • You may achieve a competitive advantage by focusing on several key areas, including product differentiation, cost leadership, innovation, customer service, and efficient marketing. You can distinguish yourself from competitors and attract consumers by excelling in one or more of these areas.

Which competitive analysis is best for you?

  • The best competitive analysis approach for you depends on your specific business and industry. Some commonly used methods include SWOT analysis (assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), Porter’s Five Forces analysis (examining industry competitiveness), and market research (gathering data on customers, competitors, and market trends). The most suitable approach will depend on your business goals, available resources, and the depth of analysis required.

Define Your Priorities

—a list is the best method to set priorities. Divide them by color, red for immediate, blue for weekly, and yellow for monthly. Use Microsoft Excel to stay updated and add preferences.

about Products:

Nowadays, e-commerce competition is fierce, marketing is saturated with more offers, and customers are more demanding regarding innovative products and services.
Before opening a business, consider every detail, from your store’s theme to the color and letter you want to use, and start thinking about the type of product or products you wish to sell. Each product has its characteristics that make them unique, with special capabilities to solve a problem for most people. So, finding your diamond is possible; here, we expand on it more.

Learn To Delegate:

It would be great to do everything your way, but in most instances, you must teach others so they can help you. So don’t think about doing everything yourself; a helping hand will put you ahead.

About Market Research:

Separate Task Per Time-Consuming:

Once you set your priorities, now separate them by time-consuming. Once again, set aside those that will take you longer. Then, finish those that take less time first. Once you complete the tasks that take less time, you can focus on the rest.

Online Business Regulations You Should Know

Shipping Restrictions

Do you need to charge Sales Tax on Shipping

Charging sales tax on shipping depends on many facts. First, it depends on the state and the delivery method, either private or common carriers. 

Each state has its rules, so it is necessary to verify each state’s regulations to confirm if it is required to charge for shipping.  

A general rule of thumb for charging sales tax on shipping is as follows: 

  • If a sales tax is set to the product, then to the shipping too, 
  • On the other hand, if the product is exempt, the shipping is also exempt, 
  • If you have a combination of taxable and exempt, you will charge tax only to the taxable part. 
  • If you have nexus on the state you are collecting sales tax, you may also need to collect taxes on shipping. 


This guide cannot replace professional advice from your accountant, SBA specialist, or IRS specialist. It is recommended to visit a professional to get the best guidance. No guidance or information from the internet can replace the counseling of a specialized professional. It is always important to find a specialist to guide you through taxation.

Every country has its age, product, and internet information collection rules. For example, collecting information from a child aged 13 or under in the US is not accepted. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) states all the regulations. Not complying with this act may imply a fine. However, you are in charge of keeping up with your country’s rules when you open a store yourself. Therefore, it would be best to get advice from professionals in your country to ensure your store obeys local laws.

Licenses, Permits, and Recertification

The licenses, permits, and certificates vary based on the industry and the location. The renewal requirements also vary depending on the industry or location. To find out which licenses, certifications, or permits apply to your business, visit State by State Listing of Professional Licensing Agencies. You can also verify General Information about Resale Certificates (bottom of the page). Another recommended article is, Does My Business Need a Seller’s Permit?  

Federal Agencies: 

Customer Privacy Regulations

Stay aware of the data protection laws in the US and International venues. If you open your store out of Zona Shoppers, you must comply with these laws. 

Keep social media updated. Make schedules to stay on top of new content. Every week you should upload new content to keep your customer’s interest.

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