Zona Shoppers is more than a simple academy, here we explain

Zona Shoppers is a series of services we offer to satisfy the needs of small and beginning businesses. With that in mind, we have developed several sites dedicated to the benefit of small businesses.

1. Zona Shoppers. Academy (zonashoppers. academy). Here you will find relevant information about how to make a business work, tricks, and advice to improve it. This is your blog to get information about all the relevant parts of the company. All the information on this site is free. In addition, we are working on including a specialized academy that will take you to step by step from zero to a successful business.

 2. Zona Shoppers e-commerce (zonashoppers.comThe site is dedicated to selling goods and services. It was developed for small businesses to sell their products and gain the maximum profit possible. The membership offers paid marketing, either through the form of individual or collaborative. The idea behind this e-commerce is for small businesses to have a space to sell and promote their products at the lowest possible cost. Remember that one of the central aspects of why businesses fail is the need for better marketing and keeping up with high expenses. Zona came to help with those problems.

3. ( They are our collaborative marketing and social media development partner. As we give opportunities to startups and new beginners, we have decided to provide other options to help grow a more small business. They focus on developing campaigns to make your business succeed.

 4. Zona e-news: a site dedicated to business news where business owners will learn from others’ experiences. Expected opening Q4-2024

Great Prices

Take advantage of our budget-friendly services. All our offers are designed to help all starting and small businesses. Although we understand small businesses’ difficulties when they want to grow, we are here to help every step of the way.

Excellent Marketing

 “20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small businesses fail in their second year…(Fundera)

We are here to help each small business prevail in its conquest for economic freedom. We offer different collaborative marketing campaigns within each membership. This will help you reduce the expenses that entail in a company.

The prices? Incredibly affordable!

Amazing service

Zona Shoppers is unlike other e-commerces that only offer the site space and leave you to survive or, in many cases, die.
We are an e-commerce specializing in small or starting businesses. We also offer a knowledge academy that focuses on the step-by-step resources appropriate for the management and continuity of a business.

Where to start

If you are a New Entrepreneur with a Micro or Small Business, these are Your Best Options

3. Professional Membership

The Professional Membership is one of the best offers. It includes two (2) Collaborative Campaign on two social media for 30 days each, one (1) Individual Marketing Campaign for thirty days (30), Homepage Brand and Recommended Product Marketing, Content Marketing Affiliate Campaign at only 4%, and the best of all, access to the lowest marketing campaigns on the market offered by

1. Beginners Membership

This membership will give you more disclosure because it includes Collaborative marketing for 30 days and the lowest Affiliate fees. These two services are designed to increase the awareness of your brand and products. In addition, you can select other social campaigns, either homepage campaigns or individual marketing, at the market's lowest price as part of our members' discount price. Remember, you will have special access to all new private resources at Zona Shoppers Academy (Q1 2025).

2. Startup Membership

You can also start by selecting the Startup Membership. This membership provides more marketing because it exposes your brand even more by offering Homepage Brand Marketing, Recommended Product Marketing, and Collaborative Marketing for 30 days. It also included the lowest Affiliate fees to expose your products or services more. Not only that, but when you become a member of Zona Shoppers, you also receive the benefits of the low-price marketing campaign from to help you increase your brand awareness through SEO.

If you are a Mid-size Business, then This is the Best Offer for You!

1. Enterprise Membership

This is our golden plan. Includes eight (8) Collaborative Campaigns in three (3) social networks of 30 days each, four (4) Independent Marketing Campaigns in three (3) social networks of 30 days each, Content Marketing through Affiliates to 4%, Homepage Branding, and Recommended Product Campaigns, Reel Designs, Dedicated Customer Support, Zero Charge Fees, and best of all, access to the lowest 4 marketing campaigns.

Zona Shoppers is the most convenient e-commerce platform for micro, small, and mid-size businesses. We offer a wide variety of excellent services better than renowned e-commerce companies at a fraction of the price.

Don’t get confused by thinking that our low prices mean unsatisfactory services. On the contrary, this is your opportunity to start a successful business. We are giving you that opportunity! Remember, e-commerce is a competitive and dynamic market, so the lower your administrative expenses are, the higher your chances of success. 

Membership Benefits

Zona Shoppers’ e-commerce is the most convenient electronic platform for micro, small, and medium-sized companies. We have a variety of specialized services, including the Zona Shoppers Academy and the support of the Marketing Agency. The Academy platform offers free learning to any new entrepreneur who wants to continue growing. We also have our Shoppers Zone app to help you sell everything faster.

The most important feature is our memberships. They have been developed to help you increase profits, sales, and brand awareness.

There are three types of memberships for micro and small businesses: beginners, start-ups, and professionals. Each membership offers different marketing efforts depending on the seller’s needs. All memberships include social media marketing campaigns that give you more financial freedom. Marketing campaigns significantly burden small businesses, but Zona Shoppers’ e-commerce stood up to the situation. Our priority is for small businesses to find a place to grow without spending a fortune.

Our fourth membership specializes in midsize companies. Enterprise was developed for those companies with more experience and looking for a technical niche to increase revenue by saving in essential segments.
Read on to learn about all the benefits we offer.

Main Benefits Included per Memberships

Marketing Service

You’ll save at least $300 to $1,200 US per month. If you do a research, 99% of marketing agencies will require a monthly budget of at least $1,200 US. We considered many elements and realized that micro and small businesses have a significant financial burden. That is why we offer memberships at a very affordable price.

 Zona Shoppers Academy

 You will have updated information and opportunities to improve your sales, marketing, and much more.

Lowest commissions

Zona has the lowest commission of all platforms. We charge 4% to balance the marketing costs. We intend to help small businesses grow by offering a great platform. 

 Exposure of your brand on the homepage

Zona Shoppers gives you more brand exposition depending on your membership.

 Live Chat

Stay connected with your clients 24/7, answer their questions immediately, and make more sales

Zona Shoppers does not charge fees for the following services

  1. Payment Processing Fees: Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, at Zona Shoppers, we do not charge a separate fee for each payment transfer. Your charges are from the payment processor and the payment processor bank. This means that for every credit card, debit card, or Stripe, there is a charge which will be deducted from your sales earnings. Those fees are not income for Zona Shoppers. 
  2.  Zero Insertion Fees
  3.  Zero ending value fees
  4.  Zero value fee
  5.  Zero referral fees

Other features you will enjoy

Easy Payment Process: make customers comfortable at checkout and reduce the cart abandonment rate. 

 Cost of Goods: our program allows you to maintain a detailed inventory of your expenses and profits.  

 Multiple Shipping Address: sending more products to different address increase your sales and audience.  

 Make Deals: offer customer-specific deals to promote up-selling. 

 Advance Refund System: provide your customers the assurance to buy, knowing there will be no problem later on for a refund.  

 Individual Coupons Offers: Zona Shoppers can develop your coupons.  

 Capability for Google Product Feed: You can also sell your products on Google! Special Fees Apply

Change customers to Loyal Customers: give your most loyal customers special discounts or coupons.  

 Pre-Order: offer your clients future products and make pre-orders to satisfy the demand.  

 QR Codes: the easiest way for your customers to find products, as well as Google Product Feed.  

 Pay by Link: send an email notification to your customers with a link for payment inquiries. Simple for the customer and the vendor. 

 Best Seller Badges: become the Best Sellers and assure your customer that you are a serious vendor. 

 Share for Discounts: have the opportunity to receive comments and offer your customers coupons in exchange. 

 Points and Rewards: all customers receive points for shopping. This encourages them to keep coming and recommends others to do the same.

 Uploads: sell customized items.

 Multiple Shipping Companies: a tremendous convenience for the client

 Offer Store Credits: instead of just a refund, you have the alternative to offer the clients an emergency gift card or coupons to keep them happy!

 Color and Label Variations: you don’t have to pay extra to add variations to your store. 

 Offer Composite Products: allow your customers to buy extra accessories or components.

 Desktop Notifications: always be aware of your sales without paying a special fee.  

 Dashboard: keep control of your store through your dashboard. 

 Size Charts for Products: keep your customers informed about your products’ size details without investing any money. 

 Offer Personalized Discounts with Coupons: make your coupons and special offers. 

 Bookings: you can make bookings on Zona Shoppers. 

 Sell in Bulk: sell products in bulk; offer your clients better prices when buying in bulk.

 E-Wallet: give your clients the opportunity to excellent service through an e-wallet; great to keep funds for easy purchase. 

 Buy Now Pay Later: this is an excellent route to sell your products. The customer has the chance to pay in installments. Very convenient for both customers and vendors.  

 Subscriptions: sell your products with a subscription. Make sure to keep constant sales through subscriptions.

 Dropshipping: Integration of your store to offer drop ship to other vendors (only Enterprise Membership can become drop shippers). Other members can upload products for dropshipping. 

 Order Tracking: give a tracking number; provide your buyers the assurance to keep buying from you.

 POS: the lowest POS (Point of Sale) service (it has special charges)(only through special request)

Multiple Types of Payments: open the door for many more customers.

Affiliates: to help you promote your products for a  very low percentage.

Many More as we continue growing!

You can Upgrade your Plan Anytime!

Zona Shoppers Memberships will save you at least $300 to $1,200 monthly on Advertisement.  

Get Your Special Offer Today!

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