Please read the Cell Phones Request for Approval and submit the form at the bottom of this page

General Information

Currently, Zona Shoppers is not limiting the total of cell phones and accessories you can sell on our e-commerce. However, you need to be approved to sell cell phones. We need to maintain high standards and ensure the cell phones and accessories are high quality. To do so, you must provide a warranty and legitimate market brands. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this policy for approval.
You must keep a return rate of no more than 3% for the total sales under a carrier contract. The purchased cell phones without a contract (an agreement) for service should have a rate return of 3% or less. If you fail to keep the returns to a minimum, your products will also be limited. It is crucial to provide excellent quality products to our customers to avoid having your listing limited.
If you are selling Prepaid or Carrier Wireless Services, you must provide a detailed statement with the features included.

Prepaid & Carrier Wireless Services Rules

 Your service must clearly state a contract with the following details:

    • If you are offering contracts or agreements, you need to follow the Contract & Agreement Policy;(press)
    • State or region, including zip codes, the service covered  
    • All restrictions of the plan, for example, limited minutes, limited text, unlimited text, etc.
    • Provide the customer with the Terms and Conditions of the plan
    • Specify if you are selling a bundle, just the plan, or just the cell phone
    • Must be an authorized seller or reseller dealer 

General Equipment Requirements

New Cellphone Units

  •  They must provide the manufacturer’s Universal Product Code (UPC) number.
  • Describe the warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • Describe if the unit is for international or U.S. use.
  • If it is an international unit, the type of warranty it offers (replacement or parts) or no
  • The description should include all the manufacturers specifications

Cellphones for U.S. Use

  •  If the unit is for use in the United States, describe the type of warranty offered; from manufacturer or seller (replacement or parts) or both.
  • All cellphones must be equipped with a U.S. charger or provide the chargers as accessories within Zona Shoppers.
  • All cellphones must be U.S. carrier compatible.
  • All cellphones must have a UPC on the description and packaging.

Cellphones for International Use

  • All international units must provide step-by-step set-up English instruction material. The instruction material must state all the functionalities, including how to change the language.
  • All international units must provide U.S. compatible accessories.
  • All cellphones must offer compatibility to U.S. carriers.
  • All cellphones must be sold on a seal, manufacturer’s packaging, and include a warranty either from the manufacturer or the vendor.
  • All cellphones must provide U.S. compatible accessories, like chargers and specified if it is included within the package. If the accessories are not included, you must offer them on Zona Shoppers.

Unlocked Cellphones

  • All unlocked cell phones must be sold in the sealed, unopened, original packaging as sold by the manufacture.
  • Cellphones for international use or international purchases must provide:
    •  An U.S. charger, either inside the sealed cellphone box or in a separate seal box or sold separately.
    • The step-by-step set-up instructions must be in the English language. The instruction material must state all the functionalities, including how to change the language.
    • The cellphone must have default settings compatible with U.S. carriers.
    • Opened boxes or broken seals are not acceptable.
    • The cell phones must not have any changes, alterations, or modifications. All parts must be original from the manufacture, including the accessories.

Refurbished Cell Phones

  • Describe the cellphone as refurbished.
  • All refurbished phones must carry a manufacturer’s warranty or remanufacturer’s warranty.
  • The refurbished cellphones must include US-compatible accessories. The accessories must be on a seal, manufacturer’s package, either within the cell phone package or sold separately.
  • The seller must not alter the cell phone once it has been refurbished from the manufacture.

Carrier Branded Cell Phones

  • All carriers must be US-based: ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular (regional), or Verizon
  • The carrier-branded phone must have the specific software for the carrier connectivity and the carrier’s logos.
  • Must agree with all the requirements for new cellphones.
  • The vendor must specify all the contractual details as well as warranties and services, including coverage areas, zip codes of coverage service, and restrictions. 
  • The offer must not encourage customers to contact vendors as this breach the Terms of Use of Zona Shoppers.
  •  Please copy and paste the following statement:  Guarantee:  If you receive a denial after a service request, you will receive a full refund within ten (10) days after the decision. Please read the details about the requirements in the service description.  

Pre-paid Cellphones

  • All pre-paid cellphones must offer a U.S. source for connectivity,
  • All pre-paid cellphones must be factory sealed, in an unopened box or specific retail packaging with a UPC identifier,
  • The UPC must be stated on the description,
  • The description must specify the packaging as Retail Packaging.
  • If your pre-paid cellphone is non-retail packaging, then please specify the detail of the description as Non-retail Packaging, along with the carrier’s name. Must have a UPC identifier.
  • If your cellphone is missing the UPC, please visit any UPC authority to obtain one.

At this moment, Zona Shoppers does not accept secondhand listings of cellphones without the manufacturer’s warranty and seal packaging.

Cell Phones Rules

  • All cell phones must show the UPC identifier but can also show others as well (UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, or GTIN) from the manufacturer.
  • All new equipment must be US-sourced with a manufacturer warranty. If there is no warranty support, please copy and paste the following statement: “Due this is internationally sourced equipment, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. It will be entirely at your discretion to purchase this equipment (cellphone)“.
  • Must be factory sealed in unopened, original retail packaging.
  • The information you provide our customers must be clear and precise about the cellphone you sell. You cannot provide false information when describing the equipment.
  • All the pictures or images must agree with the equipment.
  • All description pictures must be appropriate to be seen by all ages (including minors). The images on the phone should not contain nudity, pornography, or obscene content.
  • All refurbished equipment must state “Refurbished” in the description. The refurbished must be from the manufacturer.
  • Refurbished cellphones must have a warranty by the manufacture or re-manufacture.
  • All vendors must explain the type of warranty and the details; for example, manufacturer’s or vendor’s warranty, the details, for instance: hardware defect by manufacture warranty or 2-year warranty sold by a vendor.
  • All cell phones must bring a US charger and in detail English instructions (English Manual).
  • All cellphones (internationally sourced and US sourced) must comply with all safety standards: ( (;
  • All cell phones must have an original logo on the equipment and software.

Unlock Cell Phones and international sourced

  • Unlocked cell phones must be compatible with US carriers.
  • It cannot have any carrier brand on the equipment or packaging; this ensures the phone is directed from the manufacturer.
  • The cellphone cannot be altered or a part removed to cover or remove a carrier brand or any other.
  • International sourced cell phones, and unlocked cell phones must include a US plug charger.
  • All international cell phones must include the instructional book in English and compatibility with US carriers.
  • Unlocked and International source cell phones must follow US regulations.
  • Unlock cellphones and international cellphones much be described as such.
  • Unlock cell phone settings must be in English; if not, the equipment must come with detailed instructions in English on how to change the language.
  • All parts of the unlocked cell phones must be original.

General Rules

  • All accessories and cell phones must be detailed and described.
  • Use the Description Guide to help you describe the products the right way.
  • Select the correct category and/ or subcategory when placing the accessories.
  • If your product is sent on a different packaging or not the original packaging, it must be stated in the description.
  • If you are selling bulk items, it must be included bulk information detailed, for example, packaging, amount per bulk, colors in bulk, sizes, material, warranty, and any other information that makes the product easy to understand for the customer.
  • Product pictures must be accordingly and precise based on the product listed.
  • All images must be high quality, and the picture is the presentation of your product; Zona Shoppers cannot and will not alter any picture, so you need to upload the best pictures.
  • All products will be sold as specified in your description; you cannot change the rules or the policies you place on your store as product or sale convenience.
  • New cell phones must have a new, unopened package.
  • Refurbished cell phones include all the necessary parts for the proper functionality of the equipment.

Cell Phone Accessories

  • Cell phone accessories are welcome to be listed on Zona Shoppers.
  • All details must be present in the description; size, color, special features, the use of it, and all other information that help the customers make the right decision.

Contract & Agreement Policy

What to Expect When Selling Contracts or Products with Contracts

  •  If you offer products that require a contract or offer contract/s or agreement/s as part of a product or transaction. In that case, you (the vendor) are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the contract or agreement.
  • Also, you are responsible for explaining all the details so the buyer (customer) understands the details printed on the contract or agreement.
  • You (the vendor) need to specify the contract’s details to ensure the buyer understands and agrees with everything.
  • You (the vendor) need to explain to the buyer how you will protect the buyer’s private information if there is a credit verification.
  • Zona, Zona Shoppers App, or Zona Shoppers LLC is not responsible for selling contracts or agreements between vendors and buyers.
  • Zona Shoppers cannot read any contract between vendors and buyers.

You need to copy and paste the following statement into your description.

Zona Shoppers is not part of this contract or agreement. Zona Shoppers is not legally bonded to any arrangement between vendor/s and buyer/s. As such, Zona Shoppers cannot advise over the contractual issues, review any contract or agreement, enforce third parties’ services, contracts, or agreements, or even take a side in a dispute. Any contractual obligation must be presented to your legal advisor or the company you have signed the contract or agreement.

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