Products Policy

Products identified with explicit sexual or explicit sensuality content must be grouped into Adult Products Category. Explicit Sexual Products are those where the images are not proper for a wide range of ages due to their illustrations of sexual activities, naked people, or exposure of breasts, genitalia, or buttocks. These types of images are prohibited on Zona Shoppers due to federal and international regulations. All products with some sort of sexual content will be subject to reviews of the listing description, content, and images and if it follows the federal, state, and local regulations and, in some instances, international regulations. Products with illegal content will remove immediately.

Selling Sexual Products' Rules

  •  The item needs to be in a sealed, new, unused, unopened package.
  • Item/product must be new, unused, and functioning (working).
  • Item must not contain any type of minor nudity (it is unlawful).
  • Item must have directions of use, warning, and clear, understandable labels in English.

International Shipping Restrictions

If you offer international shipping, be aware of the restrictions some products have in many countries. 

Example of Carriers, press for more information: 

FedEx Rules

DHL Rules 

Examples of products allowed to be listed

All adult material with explicit sexual content is listed under Uncategorized► Adult Products Category. Products under this category should be:

  • Adult films and DVD under rating X, XX, XXX, R18 (release by Adult Filming Companies, not amateurs).
  • Prophylactics and other over-the-counter contraceptives (package need to be sealed, new, proper expiration date, unused).
  • Magazines widely available in non-adult-only bookstores.
  • Sexual health products (need to follow all the regulation of Prescription products).
  • Sexual toys listed (will be reviewed upon listed).
  • Adult-only novelty items (will be reviewed upon listed).
    • Brides’ novelty food and toys.
  • Vibrators

Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Amateur Pornography
  • Child Pornography
  • Any Child Pornography with scenes of children at the time or shooting
  • Media featuring Traci Lords created prior to May 7, 1986
  • Any image attempt against SESTA/FOSTA law

Examples, but not limited, of countries where sex toys imports are prohibited

Afghanistan, Albania, Arabia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Bermuda, Brunei, Egypt, El Salvador, and over 50 more.

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