Abusive Customer Policy

 Zona Shoppers is a company that seeks to maintain a similar structure between its sellers and customers. Therefore, Zona Shoppers maintains an atmosphere of honesty and security, but above all, respect. At Zona Shoppers, we value the hard work of many vendors and appreciate all the sacrifices they make to bring the best product at the best prices.

What is unacceptable under this policy?

Customers cannot: 

    • Illegally use the feedback, return, or refund policies.
    • Falsely state the item didn’t arrive when the shipping company shows otherwise.
    • Behave in disregard of the Term of Use and other policies.
    • Request a vendor to ship products to an address different from the one on record. If the buyer wants to use a different address, the buyer needs to change the address on record.
    • Ask for a shipping service not offered by the vendor.
    • Return items other than those sent by vendors.
    • Breaking the item and then trying to ask for a full refund
    • Threat vendors or other customers or harass a vendor about an item not received before the latest estimated delivery date has passed
    • Ask a vendor to make a false receipt or state to Customs to avoid paying the country taxes or import fees.
    •  Use a payment method other than the one offered by the Site.
    • Ask a vendor to save the merchandise for later. 
    • Ask for a refund without returning the item/s
    • Ask for special discounts.
    • Ask for exceptional service in exchange for a good review.
    • Slander a vendor with false accusations: wrong description, late shipping, not receiving the item, etc.
    • Request the vendors’ policies.

What are my Rights as a Vendor?

    •  You can report the abusive buyer/s; by sending Zona Shoppers an email with all the information about the buyer and why you believe the client is abusing your rights. You can send all the information to [email protected].  
    • You are not required to provide beyond your policies (Note: you cannot change your policies to adjust to specific situations, your policies should remain the same for all your buyers).
    • If you show you have done and followed all the steps in agreement with your stated policies. You are protected from negative feedback if the communications are clear, precise, professional, and polite (no threats or misconduct).

What to expect from an Abusive Buyer’s Report?

Engaging in this type of situation may lead to a wide range of actions:

    • Loss of Zona Shoppers Money Back Guarantee coverage
    • Warning to buyers
    • Preventing buyers from opening a claim against the vendor
    • Account interruption

 Zona Shoppers strives to maintain a healthy environment for all parties. Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes situations are not easy to handle. We can understand the frustration when circumstances occur beyond our control, but it is essential to keep calm to achieve a professional solution. For Zona Shoppers, both customers and sellers occupy a significant place. The investigations are done based on the circumstances if an abusive buyer is claimed. The investigation is confidential, and the decisions are solely based on the evidence. The evidence must be documentary, not testimonial. If the evidence is not provided, the investigation will be closed. 

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