Currency & Equivalents Monetary Policy

  • If you sell high-priced coins, they must be graded by the PCGS or NGC; otherwise, they will be unlisted. The vendor must specify a such value on the product details.  
  • Any other coin not graded by either PCGS or NGC must state “Graded by Seller” on the product description.
  • All coins must be original and not altered from their original state outside of numismatic preservation or cleaning methods.
  • If you are trying to sell replicas, copies, or reproductions, you must state and identify the coins as such. On the description of the product, you must indicate they are “Replicas,” Copies,” or “Reproductions.”

Product requirements

Dealers of precious metals, precious stones, or fine jewels must comply with 31 C.F.R. Part 1027 and other applicable laws and regulations. Upon Zona Shoppers’ request, you will provide copies of your anti-money laundering program.

  • Items considered numismatic, including but not limited to medals, medallions, challenge coins, and commemorative coins not primarily made of precious metal, are exempt from this policy.

The rules to follow for this policy are

  • Your listing must be graded by one of this companies: NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICG, or PMG

Example of Prohibited Items on Zona Shoppers Currency’s Policy

  • If the coin has been altered outside of the numismatic stage and the items are considered legal tender, they cannot be placed on your listing.
  • Paper money (including uncut sheets), banknotes, money orders, bricks, and certificates are prohibited from being sold on Zona Shoppers.
  • Mock currencies without proper identification: coins, tokens, paper money, commemorative medals or coins, toy or play money must be permanently marked as “Copy” in the English language
  • Ungraded coins with these types of information:
    • contain a non-approved grading company (other companies than NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICG, or PMG), numeric grade, or estimated value in any part of your listing (description, attached to pictures, graded holder, etc.)
    • without complete photos (front and back) of the item for sale
  • Bullion rounds are very similar to coins. Rounds look much like legal tender, but they are not backed by any government. Rounds are not permitted on Zona Shoppers.
  • Replica coins
  • Replica, plated, or clad bullion.
  • Counterfeit coins
  • “Unsearched” bags, rolls, tubes, jars, or hoards where the buyers cannot identify clearly
  • Stocks and securities
  • Cash or cash equivalent instruments, including money orders, SNAP government cards (food stamps), credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, traveler’s checks, stored value products like retail or open-loop gift cards, or electronic stored-value redemption codes (except for retail gift cards listed by Zona Shoppers’s vendors)
  • Gift cards exceeding $1,500 and listed by non-pre-approve vendors
  • Non-monetized bullion (a precious metal that has been smelted or refined and has a value dependent primarily upon its precious metal content and not upon its form)
  • SNAP Cards: State or Federal Assistance Benefits (formerly known as “Food Stamps” or “Food Stamp Programs”)

Example of Acceptable Items to be listed on Zona Shoppers Currency’s Policy

  • Collectible Coins
  • Bullion with the following details:
    •  Date of issue
    • Grader and Grade
    • The purity of the metal if the item is monetized bullion
    • Numismatic conservation
    • Clear image 
    • Condition
    • Metal composition
    • Restrikes produced or authorized by the issuing government
  • Collectible coins or monetized bullion under the following circumstances:
  • A coin is a reproductions, replica, or copies
  • comply with the Counterfeit Deterrence Act of 1992:
  • Identified as such
  • A clear image of Mark
  • State that the item is a reproduction, replica, or duplicate in the title and the description


Detail image (suggested):Label detail for Slabbed Coins. Edge, Mint Mark, or any other detail.

Coin Details: Details must be clear and visible in images.

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