How to Make a Successful Product or Service

A product or a service is the main character of e-commerce or a physical store. It is the main character because, without products, you don’t have anything to sell. 

You don’t need to go crazy trying to do the “perfect” product. We will tell you how to go from a regular product to a successful product. Keep reading.  

Elements for Success

Must have something Unique

Everything that shines looks better, no doubt. So instead of just showing a product, elevate its unique features. On most occasions, products turn successful because of how special they are shown, not because they are rare or expensive. The product you choose to sell in your e-commerce must have something (the color, the material, the boxing) that calls the customer’s attention, not just the price (which is essential) but not as important as the “look” or unique feature.  

It looks Pretty, now What?

That unique feature is what brings appeal or interest to the product. So now you know you need to appeal to the sense of sight to make your product extra special. 

You can use the colors, size, material, or special features to develop a marketing campaign around that feature or features. Don’t show all features; just one or two are enough to call the attention. If you display multiple attributes, the potential clients lose interest. You want your campaign to receive an “I need to see it,” not an “I saw it all.”  

Fulfill the Customer's Needs

Show the problem-solving capabilities. People buy stuff for their needs. For example, “I have a red dress, but I don’t have matching shoes,” “I have a nice portrait, but I need something to hang it with,” “I have a nice tie but not a good shirt for it,” “I need wider tires for the car.” Everybody has needs; it is up to you to pair your product with their needs.  

Match Value with Price

The best combination of successful products is the value and price.   If your product is luxury or has a higher price than similar others, show why it is more expensive. Explains the features that make it special to offer the customer the reason behind the price. When you teach your customers the value the product brings to their lives, they have no problem paying for the product.  

Easy to Use

Products easy to use or usage level are more attractive than those more complicated. Keep in mind that we are living in a fast-retrieving world. A search in Google only takes a second or less.   Selling products with these characteristics are a plus. 



Another great feature for a product is the capability to be multi-use. If a product can solve more than one problem, that is a great feature for some specific target markets. For example, the Swiss Knives is a multi-use product with a very successful trajectory.  

Other Strategies to Make your Product Successful


The reviews of the customers can elevate a product. The more positive reviews you have about a product, the higher the chances of becoming a high-sale product.  

Proven Results

Show your customers the before and after images.  It helps to convince them that your product works. So, please, use accurate data and images. People will do their research, and if they find you are not telling the truth; that will be the end of the product.  

Questions & Answer Sections

Give your customers a chance to ask any question. Clear any doubt they may have about the product and its features. If you can chat with them even better, nothing is more significant than a real-time connection.  

Specific Target Market

Define the target market that best fits your product. Don’t sell to random people. Instead, design a marketing campaign for a specific prospect customer and focus on how the product’s feature is an excellent match for their needs.  


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