How to Make a Consistent Monthly Income with Just a Few Product

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Don’t you think it will be fantastic to have a monthly income with just a few products without investing in extensive inventories? Anyone can do it. It is just a matter of organizing and starting selling.

The best way to have a monthly income is through a subscription. It is easy;

  1. you can add as many products as you wish or request local businesses to send you the products.
  2.  Another alternative is to purchase wholesale and sell retail. Make small bundles with different products.
  3. If you are crafty, you can make your products.

Here are examples of subscription boxes you can do with very little money to start.

Natural Food

  • Embracing the “Ugly” Produce Market: Connect with local farmers and inquire about their surplus or visually imperfect produce, often destined for waste. These “ugly” products can be acquired at discounted prices, presenting an opportunity to transform them into profitable goods. One exemplary enterprise that spearheaded this concept is Misfits, an e-commerce platform that has thrived by repurposing and selling such products.

  • Honey and Cookie Delights in Delicate Glass Containers: Consider packaging locally sourced honey in elegant glass containers alongside delectable cookies. This thoughtful combination appeals to consumers seeking unique and sustainable gift options. Highlighting the benefits of raw, unprocessed honey and partnering with local beekeepers adds authenticity and fosters a sense of community support.

  • Homemade Healthy Desserts in Focus: Tap into the growing demand for nutrient-rich desserts. Ensure compliance with the Cottage Food Law, which permits the sale of certain homemade food items. Craft desserts using natural, wholesome ingredients, such as gluten-free, vegan, or organic options. Emphasize health benefits, unique flavors, and artistic presentation to attract health-conscious consumers seeking guilt-free indulgence.

  • Wholesome Snack Bars for Active Lifestyles: Cater to health-conscious individuals with a range of nutritious snack bars. Explore wholesale purchasing options for quality ingredients and create unique flavor combinations: target fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers by distributing bars in fitness centers and health clubs. Focus on promoting the bars’ natural ingredients, balanced nutrition, and convenience for on-the-go consumption.

  • Pre-measured Ingredients for Nutritious Shakes: Offer pre-packaged ingredients for natural shakes, including dried fruits, dried milk, and other special additives. Convenience is key in this business model, as customers can easily create healthy shakes at home or on the move. Highlight the benefits of using premium ingredients and provide enticing recipes to inspire customers to explore diverse flavors and health benefits.

Diet Food

Venturing into the world of dietary food presents a multitude of possibilities, catering to health-conscious individuals seeking nutritious culinary experiences. To embark on this journey, assembling a team of three key partners, including a skilled lawyer, a talented chef or cook, and a knowledgeable nutritionist, is crucial. 

  1.  A good lawyer specializing in food regulations can guide you through compliance requirements, intellectual property protection, licensing, and labeling regulations. Their expertise will safeguard your venture and ensure adherence to local, state, and federal laws, promoting trust and credibility with customers.

  2. Collaborating with a professional chef or cook with experience in crafting wholesome, delicious dishes is paramount. A skilled culinary expert will bring creativity, expertise in ingredient sourcing, and the ability to curate diverse menu options that cater to various dietary needs and preferences.
  3. A nutritionist’s insight is indispensable when designing a dietary food business. By partnering with a qualified nutritionist, you can ensure that your menu offerings align with the nutritional needs of your target audience.

Beauty Products

The cosmetics industry presents a world of exciting possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With strategic approaches and innovative ideas, you can tap into opportunities to source inventory at affordable prices, create your own line of natural cosmetics, and develop unique facial products. 

  1. Sourcing Affordable Inventory: Building relationships with distributors can unlock access to low-priced inventory. Demonstrating your ability to move a significant volume of products can persuade distributors to offer discounted prices.
  2. Crafting a Line of Natural Cosmetics: Creating your own line of natural cosmetics can be a rewarding endeavor. Take advantage of educational classes and certification programs to enhance your skills and knowledge. With a solid foundation in place, develop a range of natural cosmetic products, incorporating high-quality ingredients.

Sexual Toys

You can fill subscription boxes with anything imaginable, including sex devices, lingerie, moisturizers, and bubbles. You can visit adult stores and request that they sell you all clearance items, or you can request products via Alibaba or AliExpress.

Bath Products

You can create your own soaps, moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners, and the list goes on and on. Yes, and it is lawful if the labeling complies with the law. Always market your items as natural, and never misrepresent the country of origin.

Seasonal Boxes or Celebrations Boxes

You can earn additional income during each season.For example, the holiday season. Commence retailing Christmas-related items in November and end in January. You can make Valentine’s present in February. In the months of March and April, it’s all about the east. The possibilities are phenomenal. Due to diverse cultures, there are so many celebrations worldwide, particularly in the United States. Use cultural diversity as a source of motivation.

Office Surprise Box

You can offer “Best Employee of the Month,” “Best Boss of the Month,” or “Best Janitor of the Month.” Keep in mind that you will need to get in contact with numerous businesses to offer your services.  

Special Monday at the Office

You can make a box with different coffees, cookies, fruits, exceptional food from local business and send it every Monday. 

Just like the previous idea, you need to contact a business to offer your services.  

Special Book of the Month (or week)

Get in contact with different publishers and request information about selling books. Children’s books for sensory, learning to read, bath and bedtime, are a great example of what you can sell. Plus, this type of book is less competitive with e-books.


You can do other subscriptions: clothing, cooking utensils, pet supplies, undergarments, socks, ties, girl’s accessories, and school materials; the selection is endless. The subscription box is an excellent opportunity to maintain monthly earnings and have fun. Make a list of things you can do and try again. Allow yourself to succeed. You can use our e-commerce Zona Shoppers to sell your products. 

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