Return & Refund Policy

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Returns and Refund Policy and the Terms of Use, customers may request the return of purchased items (“Item”) and refund before the end of the stipulated warranty period of a maximum of 30 successive or consecutive days.

Buyer Protection is a service provided by Zona Shoppers to help Users receive a refund in case of any problem with the purchase. Zona Shoppers is not responsible for problems caused by products sold by a vendor. Additionally, Zona Shoppers has no jurisdiction over the quality of the products.

The seller’s responsibility is to provide an accurate description of the item. Also, the consumer must return the product within the given time to avoid future inconveniences.

Application for the Return of a Product

Customers may apply for a refund and return of the product under the following circumstances and after shipping the product back to the vendor: 

    • Bought by mistake: the customer pressed the Buy it Now and forgot to cancel the transaction. The product must be in the same conditions as sent by the vendor: tags in place, excellent conditions, and unopen.
    •  Not as described: the customer can request a refund if the product’s description is not precise. The product photo must also show details related to the product; for example, the product in the description states a brown color, and the picture shows a brown color, but the color sent was cream.
    • Wrong product shipped; the vendor made a mistake and sent the incorrect product. Must return in excellent condition.
    • Product is defective, broken, or does not work: the customer has the right to request a refund for a defective product.
    • The product and shipping container is broken: the product arrived in poor condition and is not working.
    • Product damage but shipping container in good condition: it is recommended to take a picture of the shipping container’s conditions. If the product is damaged or not working, the customer can request a refund.
    • Product not delivered: the product was not delivered to the customer’s address.
    • Product is incomplete, missing, or broken: the product is not entirely as offered or described; parts are missing even when those parts do not necessarily make the product work.
    • The customer did not make the purchase: if there is a breach of information on the credit card used by the customer, the credit card will request a refund of the money, regulations that are protected by law.

If the customer received an extra item, it could be a mistake from the vendor or a gift. In these cases, it is better to communicate directly with the vendor.

The buyer can make the request directly from My Account. You only have to choose the product you want to return and request a refund. The buyer must determine why they are returning the merchandise. It helps us maintain a high level of improvement in delivery, products, and customer satisfaction. 

Rights of Vendors

    • The vendor can charge a fee of up to 20% of the product’s sale price before taxes and shipping if the tags are not in place or if the product is not in the exact conditions as sent.
    • The vendor can charge up to 50% of the sales price if the product returned is not the one shipped (return an old product).
    • The vendor can refuse a return or refund if a maximum of 30-day already passed, or they can charge a 20% restocking fee.
    • The vendor can charge up to 50% of the product’s value if used, damaged, or broken and no longer can be re-sold. Evidence of previous conditions and returned conditions need to be presented.  
    • The vendor cannot charge damage fees plus restocking fees per return transaction.

Condition of Returned Products

    •  For a hassle-free experience, your returned product must be in the same condition as sent by the vendor. Products with damages, tears, stains, without tags, broken packages, or any other alteration to the initial stage of the development will be subject to penalty. The customer must include all in the return if accessories were included with the products. We always recommend that customers take pictures if there is a problem with delivery.

Returns Cost

The customer oversees return charges. The customer can also request the vendor send a shipping slip and discount the fees upon the refund.


For a fast and total refund, the customer must return the product: 

    • Immediately and without damage. The process is simple; once the consumer desires to return the product (within 30 consecutive days), go to My Account, and identify the product.
    • Start the return and refund process. The vendor is notified immediately after you press the button for return and refund. The consumer will explain the reason why the decision to return the product.
    • The vendor will respond to you within 72 hours of the first contact. Once the product reaches the seller’s hands and is examined, the vendor must start the refund.
    • If the product is in the conditions sent, the vendor must give a full refund. If the product is altered, the vendor can charge up to 50% restocking fees.
    •  The customer should keep a tracking number after shipping the product as evidence.
    •  The refund is made directly to the payment method used to pay for the product. The refund does not include shipping costs.

Communication Between Customer and Vendor

 Healthy communication is always welcomed between vendors and customers. However, if the customer desires to return, it is still essential to review your messages because the vendor may communicate with the customer.

Ultimately it all depends on the vendor if they want to charge the fees or not, but they can only charge what is stipulated in the policies.

Last Update: 2021

Return & Refund Request Options
Applicable Fees
The Customer Changed their mind during the return and refund period of 30 days. The product is in the original conditions.
No restocking fees.
The Customer Changed their mind during the return and refund after the 30 days period. The item was return in the original condition.
Yes. Up to 20% of item’s price
Package is visible damage and the customer refuse delivery.
No restocking fees. The vendor pays for return shipping but can file a claim with the carrier or insurance.
The customer receives a used or damaged item.
No restocking fees. The vendor can file a claim with the carrier or insurance company if they purchased insurance.
The customer changes their mind about a purchase and returns a non-media item within the return window, but the seller receives the item damaged or materially different than how it was originally shipped to the buyer.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer returns a book within the return window with obvious signs of use.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer returns a CD, DVD, VHS tape, cassette tape, or vinyl record within the return window that has been opened (taken out of the plastic wrap).
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer changes their mind* and returns open software or video games.
Yes. Up to 100% of product’s price
The customer returns an item they received materially different from what they ordered.
No restocking fees.
The customer return an items completely different from the product sent.
Yes, Up to 100% of product's price
Provide a Store Credit based on specific amount

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