General Guidance

New Clothing:

  • You can list your new clothing without any special management rule.
  • Your new clothing must have a description that must at least include the specification of “Tag” or” No tag” detail, size, color, style, type of measurement, and location. 
  • Even if the clothing is new, if it has some distress, you need to detail it in the item’s description—for example, loose button, small rupture, etc. 
  • Please be specific about the size; European sizes, Asian sizes, and US sizes are not equivalent. They are all different measurements; as such, you need to specify them so the consumer can measure their bodies and compare them with the item.
  • If your clothing has any designer’s logo, follow the Designers Clothing Manage Rules.

New or Used Designers' Clothing

  • If your selling new Designer’s clothing, you must provide a trademark license or permit to sell that clothing.
  • If the clothing is used, you must list as such on the description stating: “Used” “No Tag” or “resale” 
  • If you do not follow these policies, you are not allowed to list items with designer logos. 

Example of Prohibited Listings

These are just examples of clothing that should not be listed for sale; this list may increase due to regulations.  

If you sell this type of listing, we will notify the changes accordingly.

  • Used underwear (panties, thongs, briefs, athletic undergarment, etc.), lingerie, bras, and socks
  • Stain clothing
  • Broken clothing
  • Replicas or fakes
  • Products from threatening species or animal parts (some exceptions apply)
  • Any Native American or American Indian ceremonial outfits
  • Stolen Items
  • Any item with the description: “Inspired on…” (for example, inspired on Moschino)
  • Designer’s clothing parts or details
  • Items that cannot be mail using a shipping company
  • Any used baby reusable diapers
  • Unwashed, smelly, sweaty, mildew, with pet, smoke, or cigarette odor,
  • Described item different from the shipped item

Examples of Approved Listings

  • Branded or designers used clothing (not tags) without stain, breakage, damage, odor, or bad shape.
  • Designer’s clothing with previous authorization from Zona Shoppers.
  • Used clothing (no tags) in great conditions without stains, broken, damage, odor, mildew, etc.
  • New clothing with tag.
  • Customized printed clothing, with tags or without tags (some shirts come without tags).
  • New clothing made by you, with tags or without tags.
  • New clothing made by manufacturers, with tags or without tags.
  • Used clothing, with tags or without tags.
  • New with small defects (color, scratches, cuts or nicks, small loose threads, missing a button/s, etc.).  
  • Other types, please specify if any distress.
  • Clothing for men, babies, children, women, the elderly, etc., are welcome to be listed.

General Rules for All Clothing

  • All conditions of the clothing must be specified on the description.
  • The pictures must confirm imperfections described.
  • The used clothing must be clean, watched, and dried before shipping.
  • If the clothing is new, the tag must be attached to the clothing or must specify on the description no tag. 
  • It would be best if you had a specific policy regarding returns or exchange.
  • It would be best if you state clear details about size charts between the US, Europe, China, and other places (Zona Shoppers offers Size Tools free).
  • If you are a manufacture, you need to provide a return policy of at least 30 days (due to shipping processing time);
  • You need to specify in your description if there is a warranty on the clothing and the details.

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