Nazi-Related Items

World War II was one of the most significant events of humanity. At Zona Shoppers, we respect the interest of many in collecting part of that history. However, for others, this event was a terrible impact on their past.
Zona Shoppers strives to maintain an atmosphere of sociability and well-being where visitors feel welcome. Therefore, there are many items for collectors. However, everything related to Nazi symbols is completely prohibited on Zona Shoppers.
Nazi items are prohibited from being sold in some parts of Europe; thus, it is prohibited for any international vendor to list anything related to Nazism. Furthermore, even if the main symbols are covered, removed, or not visual, the product cannot be listed if the item provides, resembles, or inspires an image of Nazism.

Examples but not limited of Prohibited Items

  • Flags of Nazi Germany
  • Nazi Metals
  • Adolfo Hitle’s Mein Kampf
  • SS-Ehrendolch (“SS honour dagger”) 
  • hakenkreuz, “hooked-cross” 
  • Swastika


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