How to Start a Business with the Right Product

Starting a new business is a new adventure, full of new ideas, hopes, and trends. So naturally, keeping up with people’s tendencies can be time and budget-consuming. Not everyone has the soul of a pioneer, but many of us have the heart to achieve what we set out to do.
Investing in products without knowing if you will sell them is a risk.
Starting a business with the right products helps you to find products that have high performance and are cost-effective for your pocket. Thus, the investment will be lower and the possibility of selling higher. Then let’s get started!

Facts to Keep In Consideration

 When starting an e-commerce store, the main thing is to know what you want to sell, your budget, expenses, and profits. Therefore, if you need a great offer, check here! Thus, to know what you should buy, it is best to keep in mind that the least you should profit on a product is in the range between 20% and 30%. Therefore, if your product leaves you a 10% net profit, it does not mean that you are wrong; you are within the average level.

On the other hand, start worrying if you earn less than 10%. That is why we recommend between 20 and 30% of net profit. This profit gives you room to invest and expand. So if you know that you are among those earning under 10%, you need to do one of two things, change your product or change your potential customer. 

Tip: If you make between 20% and 30%, use 10% and save the rest. This will give you the push to add new inventory or open another store in the future. Always keep for rainy days. 

The next step is to find the best-selling products.

Platforms to help you find great products

Exploring Topics 

Exploring Topics includes thousands of trending products; you can search for a period of five years. Their graphs are enjoyable and easy to understand. In addition, they have a specific section for products (search) that will be beneficial for you.

Google Trends

 Check the performance of the product in Google Trends. When you get to the site, you will see that it has a graphic. Study its movement; the peaks show you a rapid rise, which may mean that the product is in trend now but may not be the same later on.  

Facebook Ad Library

 This platform is a great place to search for other businesses. It’s like spying on other individuals. Thus, being aware of what others sell is extremely necessary to stay ahead of the competition. 

Facebook Ad Library help you see information about your competitors’ advertisements. The only dilemma with this Facebook service is that you must know the name of your competitor. If you don’t know, search for products. Facebook will give you a list of the businesses with the most exposure.

YouTube Unboxing Videos

 Nothing better than knowing what your competition is doing. It is another way to find out which products are being ordered and could become a trend. Use the videos in conjunction with Google search so you can see if the product has potential.


 Another way to find recently searched products is through Pinterest trends.  When you go into Google, search for  Pinterest trends. Then, search for a product you would like more information about.  It is a great way to see what is trendy and what is not.

image of Pinterest trends

Aliexpress Hot Product Section

Aliexpress has a section where you can find products in high demand. The products are by category. 

image Aliexpress trendy products

Another way to search for trendy products

  1. Search per industry, for example, a pet industry newsletter, beauty newsletter, and so on. Some sites specialize per industry. For example, you can learn about new upcoming products.   
  2. E-commerce platform search bar. Use the search bar to find out what others are looking for. 
  3. Find a solution to a problem. Stay in touch with social media where people hang out. Check on Facebook, Twitter, read the hashtags, search for targeted products. 
  4. Another way is through keywords. Fortunately, you can use Google to help you with this task. Visit the keyword planner tool to get in touch with the latest trends. 

Follow influencers 

Another great way to know what is trendy now is through influencers. They will show you their likes and dislikes, translating them into products that can be sold fast.

Just like these suggestions, there are thousands more. Keep your eyes open to new products and new tendencies. The best of all is that Zona Shoppers is the best platform to succeed without much investment. Plus, it includes marketing campaigns. Right there, you’re already saving at least $500.00 per month, and their membership is less than that per year!

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