Are the Affiliates Your Best Alternative to Grow?

The Big Business of Affiliate Marketing

In today's digital world, the US alone witnesses over 12 billion dollars' worth of affiliate marketing transactions every year. Affiliate marketing is a thriving industry that has experienced exponential growth, providing endless opportunities across various products and niches. It's only a matter of time before more people embark on this exciting adventure. Don't miss out! At Zona B.F.G., we are committed to guiding you in claiming your share of the pie effortlessly. Envision a future where you work for yourself, not someone else—a life you've always dreamt of. Join us today and explore our specialized courses to learn the ABC of affiliates, unlocking the path to achieving your goals.

Affiliate Marketing is the most straightforward way to monetize your blog, social media, or even your microsite.  It is a market that generates over $8.2 billion in sales in the US alone by 2023. It is expected to grow between 50% in the next coming years. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate method for earning commissions through the promotion of a company’s goods or services. It provides the opportunity for individuals to generate passive income through their promotional efforts. People market products on their own platforms and receive a commission for each sale they facilitate. This is not a fraud, but a legitimate business model. In contrast to traditional employment, there is no guaranteed salary; instead, earnings depend on the time and effort spent promoting the products. It is essential to note that merely showcasing the product is not sufficient to earn a commission; potential consumers must make a purchase through the provided affiliate link. Affiliate marketing affords you the opportunity to earn as much or as little as you desire, depending on your efforts and chosen strategies.

Affiliate Marketing is the best alternative if you need extra cash!

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There is no doubt the Affiliate Marketing industry keeps growing yearly. Over 83% of brands have an affiliate program, which means all brands selling on Zona Shoppers are affiliate program participants.
It is a market of $17 billion.
If you are still trying to figure out these numbers, check the graphic.
The number of online vendors keeps growing even more after the Covid19. So naturally, this increases your opportunities for earning, so what are you waiting for?

statistics of affiliate marketing spending in the USA

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

If you have no prior experience in affiliate marketing, there’s no need to worry. We are here to assist you, regardless of the company you wish to work with, be it Zona Shoppers, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or others. You don’t have to affiliate with hundreds or thousands of products right away. Instead, start by focusing on one product and learn the ins and outs of the process—how to effectively market and sell it. Once you grasp the rhythm, there are no limits to what you can achieve! The process of affiliating products is similar across many companies; the key lies in your ability to sell them. This is where our academy comes in. Subscribe to our academy and let us guide you on your affiliate marketing journey.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are platforms or organizations that link affiliate marketers with companies that offer affiliate programs. These networks facilitate the relationship between affiliates and companies seeking to promote their products or services by acting as intermediaries.

In the context of your statement, Zona Shoppers is an affiliate network that provides the tools and resources necessary for affiliate marketing success. Affiliates can engage with multiple companies, request permission to advertise their products, and receive the necessary support to excel in their affiliate marketing efforts through this platform.


Affiliate marketing has grown in prominence as a method for individuals, such as YouTubers, influencers, and bloggers, to monetize their platforms and generate revenue. This marketing model functions in two ways: companies actively pursue affiliates, or individuals actively approach companies to form affiliate partnerships.

Before contemplating affiliate marketing as a full-time occupation or relying on it as the primary source of income, it is essential to acquire experience in the field. Beginning as a side project or additional income opportunity enables individuals to become familiar with the complexities of the affiliate market and develop successful strategies.

Consider enrolling in our business school, where you can learn more about the affiliate marketing process and receive valuable insights and knowledge to flourish in this field, to enhance your understanding and possibilities of success.

Four Easy Ways to Become an Affiliate Marketer!

 More and more people need extra income to compensate for the increased expenses. Others are tired of working for someone else and would like the economic freedom to do whatever they want! Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Step 1. Start by Selecting Products you Like or Love

  • Don’t just pick up any product. Instead, put all your enthusiasm into something you like; and will enjoy talking about. When you love something, it shows, even through words.

Step 2. Open your Affiliate account   

  • Opening an affiliate account will give you access to your dashboard. This will help you to maintain great accounting for all your sales and processes.  

Step 3. Start Promoting the Products

  • Choose the best way to do the marketing. Select social platforms or channels you can handle with confidence.

Step 4. Ensure you comply with all the requirements from your local government. 

  • Remember, you are responsible for professionally promoting a company’s product. As such, you are also responsible for the reputation of the brand. So, don’t use the product or brand name as a joke or with bad intentions. The owners of the brand may take legal action against you.  

Best Social Platform to Perform Affiliate Marketing

Is Affiliate Network right for you?

An affiliate network can be the right choice for you if you are seeking a passive income stream or a new job opportunity. This program offers you the chance to earn money by promoting a wide range of products. It presents the best and fastest method to monetize platforms such as Instagram, blogs, YouTube channels, and various social media channels.

If you are unsure about how to begin your journey in affiliate marketing, there’s no need to worry. We provide assistance and support to help you get started. Become a winner by registering in our Business School to gain familiarity with the process and receive guidance on how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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