Why This policy?

Zona Shoppers takes the safety of our community and customers very seriously. You, as a vendor, can sell almost everything, but there are some restricted items and products restricted by local, state, or international laws.  

“We are here all the way through your road to success.”

Zona Shoppers' team is here not only to help you on your road to success but to protect you. We are compromised to offering the best services to customers and vendors. To provide such excellent services, we have placed policies and regulations to maintain the house in order.

What Do We Expect From You

Products offered for sale on Zona Shoppers must comply with all laws and regulations and with Zona Shoppers ‘ policies. The sale of illegal, unsafe, or restricted products, including products available only by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

Our Regulations also Include International Customers & Vendors

Zona Shoppes is preparing to have a presence in multiple countries. Each with its restrictions and laws. We understand you would like to sell everything, but unfortunately, that cannot be possible according to governmental regulations. This includes if you live in one country and ship to another.

Don't You Worry, there are so many other Items you can sell!

Why bring problems to your life? Look, you can sell many legal products, even with better profits. So, why bother with something illegal?

Prohibited and Controlled Product List

Click on each one to read more about the process to request permission, the requirements, the regulations, and everything else. 

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