Automotive & Powersports consist of the following sub-categories:

    •  Powersports Protective Gear
    • Automotive Tools & Equipment
    • Automotive Parts & Accessories
    • Powersports Parts & Accessories
    • Tires & Wheels

    If you want to sell automotive & Powersports products in Zona Shoppers, please verify the “Requirements for Approval” below. PLEASE BE AWARE OF CONFLICTS; ZONA SHOPPERS WILL REQUEST TO PROVIDE RECEIPTS OR DOCUMENTATION TO SUPPORT THAT ALL SOLD PARTS WERE NEW OR REFURBISHED.

Requirements for Approval

  • Vendors are required to have an account in good standing. This means all refunds and returns must be accurate and timely.
  • All images must follow Zona Shoppers’ requirements.
  • You must state on your product’s description the original Universal Product Code (UPC).  
  • You must offer the manufacturer warranty to original or refurbished products. The warranty details must be detail-explicit on your Zona Shoppers’ store.  
  • All vendors must be able to show proof of purchase upon request. Your product must be on the receipt or purchase order. 

Example of Prohibited Product Listing

  • A part without the Part link number or UPC number (UPC from the auto part record, not ID given by Zona Shoppers)
  • Vehicles or parts that do not comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards  and California Resources Board Regulations 
  • Anything that is not in compliance with the law: Federal and Local Oxygen sensor simulators
  • Malfunction indicator light eliminators
  • Emission control defeaters, bypass or shut down

Example of Approved Listings (not limited)

  • Car Accessories
  • New Car batteries
  • Vehicle parts with certifications and in accordance with the laws
  • New Tires & Wheels
  • Everything in compliance with the law: Federal and Local
  • New catalytic converter if it follows all the regulations of the EPA
  •  A used catalytic converter if it follows all the regulations of EPA for sale only after receiving a re-certification. If it cannot be reused, then it cannot be listed.
  • Pipes for racing car

Advanced Reading (always verify with your legal advisor)

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