There is no better way to make more customers than by giving them the best service. 

If you offer or provide your customers with warranties, guarantees, or service plans, you need to follow the rules:

  • You need to specify the value of the merchandise to participate in the offer—for example, a warranty on merchandise with a value of $50.00 US or more. 
  • Be specific about what you offer: a warranty, guarantee, or service plan.
  • Full description of the parts or services covered under the warranty or service.
  • A method for the customer to obtain a hard copy of the service purchased
  • You need to provide the customers with precise details about the following:
    • How will it be redeemed?
    • How much it will cost: yearly or monthly, one-time payment, included with the product, etc.
    • What is included and what is not covered
    • length of the warranty (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.)
  • Be specific:
    • warranty (1-year warranty on pieces, 1-year manufactures warranty, etc.)
    • service plan (house visits, special location, mail)
    • guarantee (money-back guarantee, buyback guarantee)

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