Domain name: for a world-renowned company

 Whenever you are ready to start your e-commerce or think about it, you must set apart one vital element: a domain. Even if you don’t use it for a while, keeping your name safe for future use is a great decision. 

A domain name gives your business more credibility, seriousness, and competitiveness. It places you at the same level as large companies.  


It is your unique worldwide identification; therefore, you will always have a presence, no matter where you are.

The other important part is registering your name with the United States Patent and Trademark or your local trademark agency to ensure you are in good standing. Also, it pushes you to work hard to make your name shine. Finally, another aspect of e-commerce you need to understand is the domain and its uses, and here we explain it.

Why are Domain Names so Powerful?

Domain names are more powerful than you think. They provide unique features to a business that nothing else could. It gives your business space in cyberspace that you can make as individual as you want. Here are the ways a domain name improves your business. 

It gives credibility to your business.

For a moment, think about how professional your business looks if you have a website. It gives more reliability to the brand. People can trust that they are dealing with a respectable company. A domain name provides customers with the emotional support that their information is secure. 

By registering a domain name, individuals see an effort to develop better services. But, even using a subdomain, your business will still gain more credibility. 

Also, it helps with brand awareness and product recognition.  

The domain name helps the mobility of your business.

Now you can go anywhere yourcustomer is. Even better, now you can visit areas where new customers are and present your products to them through mobile services. With a domain name, your store will be in the hands of millions locally and worldwide.

A unique Domain Name can help you build your brand.

You reinforce the brand if you register your domain name with the same name as your business. It is easier for a brand to grow when it has many forms of communication. Keeping the same name help customer remember the brand, find products, read about new content, communicate through chat, and receive coupons; the opportunities are many. 

You open yourself to a set of opportunities than having a business name alone you couldn’t reach. 

Increase your SEO

A potential customer would want to check your business, and the best way to do it is by visiting your online store, either through your domain or subdomain. Having a domain name helps you increase your online presence through SEO.  

Easy to do Marketing

 The domain name or subdomain will help you with marketing because it allows your voice to go from one continent to another. However, the limit of your marketing depends on your shipping capacity rather than your domain name.

Each small business has its reasons to use a domain name. However, even if you start with a mini-store in Zona Shoppers, it is highly recommended to obtain your domain name. Eventually, we at Zona Shoppers will help you push your store, either with us as a host or with anyone else. We are here to help small businesses and improve your business’s quality. 

How does a domain name work?

A domain is not a website itself, but it is essential. You need other parts to use your domain, like website hosting. Hosting is the “house” for your domain.

What is a domain?

A domain is a specific name address you selected for your website. It’s so distinctive that no two names are similar, like human fingerprints. So, to have a website, you need a domain and website hosting. In other words, you need a house and an address. Your website hosting is the location of your website.

How to Select your Domain Name?

The longer you wait to select a domain name, the harder to have the one you want. There are over 360 million registered domains, and thousands register every day. Therefore, you must be very original when choosing a domain name for your business.

Steps to Select your Domain

The primary step is to select a domain with a “.com,” even though you can use other suffixes like “.net” or “.edu .” But, again, it depends on the use of the website. Top-level domains use “.com.”

Second, select a name that is easy to remember or associate. Thus, short names are easier to recall than unusual or long names. Also, you can use words people can associate with simple things.

Third, use your business name as your domain name.

Where can you Purchase a Domain?

There are tons of places you can register your domain. Shop around because some registrars are more expensive than others. The most popular domain name registrars, according to Forbes magazine, are:


Network Solutions

Google Domains




Host Gator

 Registering a domain name is a yearly commitment. If you stop making the payment, the registrar has the right to suspend service, and you will lose your domain name.  

What Comes After Registering a Domain Name?

Great, you have your name, similar to your business name. Now you need a website host service. As mentioned before, the host service is the house for your domain. If you want a website, you need a host service account. The website host service is the place where you’ll store your website. Some hosting services also are registrars, meaning you can register your domain with them. The advantage of having these services (domain and host) under one company is that you don’t have to change the name server on your domain.

What is a Subdomain?

A website can have domains and subdomains.

A subdomain is an extra part of information. It is helpful to organize your website into “sub” websites. They look like new websites, but they are doing a specific function. 

As you can see in the graphic, the domain name has many parts. It has the TLD or top-level domain and the SLD or second-level domain. Not only that, but it also has the subdomain part that goes before the SLD part. For example, it was common to use www or the world wide web before the SLD; that is considered a subdomain.

The Use of Subdomains

You use subdomains mostly to give space (separate) or manage content for something specific. You want it to be separated; otherwise, it will be too crowded. For example, you have a website dedicated to educating people; you want a special place within that website for blogs, another specific place to sell e-courses, and another for products. So you give those other parts their own space, avoiding making your leading site over-crammed. 

Subdirectories are different from subdomains in that they are files with specific folders to hold the content of particular sections. In addition, they are located after the domain name.

Why There are So Many Extensions?

Extensions are the suffix or ending part of the domain name. There are many, and every day new ones come to the market. 

The most popular one is .com; of course, there are others, for example, .org, .edu, .net, .tv,.help, .info, and so on. 

The best extension for small businesses and any business, in general, is .com. The main reason it is top-level do and the most popular!  

There are different types of domains, each with specific jobs. 

Take a look. 


Top-Level Domain – TLD

The top-level domain, or TLD, is for general usage but is listed on the domain system’s top level. When you register your domain, you will notice different extensions. The most popular are .com, .org, and .net. Others, are lower in the hierarchy of domains when compared with .com

Country Code Top Level Domain – ccTLD

Have you seen some domain names with an extension and some extra extensions? Well, those refer to the country code. These are particular domains in which a specific assigned code defines each country. So, for example, the code for the US is guest, which one, yes .us, the code for the United Kingdom is .uk, the code for Canada is .ca, the one for Mexico is .mx, and so on. 

These extensions are for a specific target market. Large corporations use them mainly because they need their SEO strategies and content. However, they are only possible to keep up with if you have dedicated personnel for them.  

Sponsored Top-Level Domain – sTLD

You have seen other types of domains related to specific social areas, such as .edu or .gov; those are sTLD. Most of these extensions are aligned with governmental agencies or some agencies. 


 Domain names are great for all kinds of services. However, it is most important to push your brand to new destinations. Also, to help get in touch with new potential customers. 

If you want to grow, get your hands on a domain name. They are not expensive and are protected by the ICANN or Assigned Names and Numbers, the agency that manages domains. This is a nonprofit organization that executes guidelines for domain names. 

Even when you are not using your domain name initially, it is always good to register a domain name as soon as you think about a business. Also, using the exact name of your business is a plus. 

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