Permitted Listings' Rules

  1. The equipment must comply with U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.
  2. Cameras, recorders, or other similar devices can be listed if the description does not encourage their use for illegal purposes.
  3. Radiofrequency devices that have been certified by the FCC
  4. Low-power radio transmitters
  5. Extended coverage high-frequency transceivers
  6. Class I lasers (such as CD players), Class IM lasers (such as DVD players), Class II lasers (e.g., bar code scanners – limited to 1 mW), and Non-handheld Class 3R lasers (for example, certain laser light show projectors limited to 5 mW and under and bore sights and gun sight lasers)
  7. Video game controllers that modify rather than replace existing technology in a video game

Prohibited Product Listings

  • Surveillance items that are intended to photograph or record the conversations or activities of others without their knowledge
  • Odometer modification devices Electronic equipment forbidden by government agencies, including but not limited, GPS radar and other signal jamming devices. For more information, please visit: FCC’s jammer enforcement ( ) 
  • Traffic light control devices
  • CB amplifiers and radio equipment that operates in both CB and HAM frequencies
  • Appliances for sale in California that do not meet applicable efficiency standards
  • Equipment such as low power transmitting devices, high-frequency transceivers, cordless telephones, and radar detectors not authorized by the FCC

Examples of Devices You Can List

  • Wi-Fi devices
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronic tablets and other devices with cellular connectivity
  • Two-way radios and walkie talkies
  • Automatic identification system (AIS) devices
  • Broadcast transmitters
  • Signal boosters

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