A brand is a recognizable name, symbol, design, or element that identifies and defines one business’ products or services from those of other companies. For example, when someone mentions Adidas, you already know they are talking about sports shoes. So, you may also think about Nike or maybe New Balance. Suddenly many more sports brands come to your mind. 

A brand becomes more than just a name; it is the recognition value many companies work hard to get. Having a solid brand is equivalent to power and revenue.   

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Some cool tips you should know


Tell Your Story

Use the name, logo, and slogan to narrate a story about your business. This way, a memorable story will increase the acceptance of consumers.


Make a liquid experience

Make a memorable encounter through a coherent experience and intimately considering the user and audience. Refrain from repeating the slogans and messages through platforms.


Be Creative & Design for the Long Term

Consider your audience and business style when creating a logo, slogan, and name. Also, think about how your branding will hold up over time. Finally, make a trendy but durable design that delivers an approachable message.


Deliver ROI

Focus on creating a meaningful, original, and impressive brand. Thus, this makes a desirable first impression on the market and the consumers.


Stay Consistent

Think about the brands you are loyal to. What elements make it better than the others according to your standards? Consistency in service is essential for brand positioning. So, let's start there.

 A person sees an average of between 4,000 to 5,000 ads per day. Yes, thousands!

 Incredible, mainly because we don’t notice the number of ads we see. But if I ask you at the end of your day how many ads you remember seeing, do you think you can name at least 50, 40, or 30? 

How Many Can You Identify?

Unfortunately, humans can only identify about 20 ads per day after seeing them at least seven (7) times. 

The number of ads we see daily is incredible, but why do you think we can only remember a tiny portion? This is because the human brain discards what is not considered valuable. Simple like that! 

Humans are born for survival, so our brain is trained to survive. Sadly, in a market as competitive as today’s, the brands are doing the same, fighting to survive. 


How to Make a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is nothing more than a detailed plan to create the best image your brand can have in the mind of the consumers (get more information on branding positioning). Creating a brand strategy is particular to each business. Therefore, not all companies will develop similar plans. 

image brand strategy

Brand awareness is when people recognize and remember a brand. It shows how well they connect the brand with its products or values. Brand recognition is crucial because it affects how customers behave and what they buy.

There are two types of brand awareness. One is when people can identify a brand without any help. This shows that the brand is memorable. The other type is when people can recognize a brand with the help of things like logos, slogans, or jingles. This makes it easier for people to remember the brand.

We know that brand growth only happens after great work and effort. It means demanding hours and sometimes frustrating days. The important thing is that we are always here to help you. So now you have an ally who, together with you, will lead you to triumph.

How To Humanize My Brand

How is it possible for people to get so attached to some brands? Is there some scheme or tactic other brands are using? Well, the answer is yes. Even though it seems complicated for something so abstract as a brand to receive human traits, it is necessary for its mere existence.

It is human nature to get close to others they can relate with. The same happens with brands. Therefore, it is easy for people to connect to brands relatively equal to their beliefs, actions, thoughts, and interactions. Working on an archetype for your brand is essential for their success. Your brand needs to connect with customers in a long-lasting closed relationship.

What Is Brand Value?

What Is Brand Value? Brand value is based on the financial worth of a brand. Brand equity is based on the perception customers have of a brand. So, to build on brand value, you need brand equity. If you want to grow the financial aspect of your business, there is no doubt you need your brand to be recognized by consumers. But how are you planning to grow a business and receive brand value if no one knows who you are, or even worst, they don’t know your products?

Brand Equity: how to achieve it

As you work on building your business, you are also building your equity. So, as you make the business work will make the brand successful. Brand equity is the value given by consumers. So is the market value of the consumer's perception of the company. A great deal of marketing goes into achieving brand equity. The best way to build it is to make a brand memorable or build brand positioning. Making a brand easily recognizable help customer create a perception of products as superior in quality and reliability to competitors. The higher the brand equity, the higher the value premium. It means you will pay a higher price for the products. So, developing a great marketing campaign shows an image and accomplishes recognition, value, and position.

 Brands are developed for human consumption; the person is the target even when the brand’s products may be used for other purposes, like cars, animals, and houses. While there are thousands of theories about branding appealing to consumers, sensory branding is one popular method used by the most important companies.
Sensory branding uses human’s five senses to get close to the customers. Using human senses lets you get in touch with people’s consciousness.

Beyond a unique logo, having a brand increases the value of a company, gives direction to its members, and facilitates the acquisition of new consumers. A positioned brand represents consumer acceptance over the competition. The brand gives life to people's perception of the service, the products, the reliability, and the value in the market. Developing a brand is synonymous with effort and sacrifice but hugely satisfying.

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