What is Affiliate Marketing and How to start making money from home

The Big Business of Affiliate Marketing

In today’s digital world, yearly, there is over 12+ billion dollars’ worth of affiliate marketing transactions in the US. The world of Affiliate Marketing is a continually ongoing business that has grown in time at exponential numbers. The opportunities are as endless as the products. It is just a matter of time before many more people join the adventure. So don’t stay behind; here at Zona Shoppers, we will teach you how to gain a piece of the pie without stress. Pretty soon, you won’t have to work for someone else but yourself. Enabling you to live the life you always dream of and focusing on a simple working method. 

 What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is the process of making money through commissions earned from promoting a company’s products. It is the best way to have a passive income. This is not a scam; it is an actual work process where people provide marketing on their own spaces, and in exchange, they receive a commission per every sale. There is no salary commitment or anything like that. You have to take the time to promote the product if you want to make a sale. The commission is not earned just by showing the product. People must go to the promoted site or company and purchase the product. Depending on your effort and strategies, you can make as little or as much as you want. 

What is an Affiliate Network?

Have you seen that more and more people are making YouTube videos and becoming influencers and bloggers? Well, some of them, if not most, make money by promoting the products of different companies. It can go both ways; the company search for the affiliates, or the affiliates get in touch with the company. No matter your route, you will make money if you put in the effort. Zona Shoppers network offers the tools and resources to help you succeed. 

This job is excellent for anyone needing extra cash (at the beginning) or a salary (once you have experience). However, we don’t recommend quitting your job until you get experience in this process. It can be tricky if you have zero experience. But don’t worry, tricky doesn’t mean impossible; it means you need to try until you find your way!

Zona Shoppers Affiliates can promote as many products as they want. The first step is to request permission from the store’s owner to promote their products. If the owner agrees, follow the rules, and you are on your way. 

How Does Affiliate Network Works?

The Affiliate Network or Affiliate Programs are undoubtedly similar to a marketplace in the general concept of promotions, sales, and payment. If you are interested, go to the Affiliate Network on Zona Shoppers. Read the policy before any commitment and sign up. That simple. In general, the steps are straightforward:

  • Read the program’s policy to understand the rules and regulations you must follow. Remember you are representing other people product’s, so you need to keep a clean and professional image towards those companies.
  • Sign up for our program by visiting the Affiliate Network page.
  • Now you can select one of the following programs:
    • Pay for product sales.
    • Pay for new membership sales.
    • Pay for making customers using a coupon.
  • You can verify your earnings on your dashboard. The earning is disbursed to your PayPal, gift card, or e-wallet after the return warranty time has passed; 31 days.
  • The affiliate percentage is 4% for all items.

Is Affiliate Network right for you?

If you want a passive income or a new job, this is your opportunity. This program gives you a break to earn money from hundreds of products. It is the fastest way to monetize your Instagram, blog, YouTube channel, or social media. 

If you are unsure how to start, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Just visit Affiliate Tutoring to get acquainted with the process. 

You can even start your own affiliate company. Yes, your own business by selling the company’s products. No investment, no shipping, no warehouses, just marketing the products. 

How to Start an Online Affiliate Service?

You can follow several steps to become good at selling a company’s product. Here we will explain how you can achieve the success you always wanted. No, this is not a get-rich-fast scam; it takes work, dedication, and time. However, you can look forward to a new life once you have everything running. 

Step1. Once you are signed up with Zona Shoppers Affiliate, verify which product you like the most to promote. In addition, you should research which products are trendy. This will help you to define your niche. 

Here is how you can research trendy products. 


Step 2: Build a WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook group.

Start making your groups of followers. There is nothing better than having people who support you. If you don’t know how to start a group, find common ground between you and them. Start by providing information they want to hear or read. Then, give advice or present the product’s facts and how it will help them.

Step 3: Make videos to educate your followers.

 You need to engage your audience. To do this, always present the positive features of the products in your niche.

  • Present the products feature
  • Show them how they can use it or the different ways.
  • Present the benefits and drawbacks
  • Help your audience to get acquainted with your products.

Step 4: Develop a page or site to present products within your niche. Make promotions so people can visit your page. You can also use Instagram for advertising. 

Step 5: If you need help, we are here to give you a hand!

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