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Zona Shoppers.Academy was designed to empower every new entrepreneur to achieve entrepreneurial resilience and economic freedom through a series of e-educations. At Zona Shoppers Academy we show you how you can achieve your business goals with confidence and understanding. We are sure that we are your best option, now what are you waiting for?


At Zona Shoppers, we have developed the perfect combinations of platforms to bring you the best services. Our e-commerce platform,, offers better features than the most renowned companies but at a considerable price difference. Zonas Shoppers. Academy is the perfect space to learn how to go from beginners to advance knowledge. For last, the partnership with 4ToSocial to improve marketing.

Zona Shoppers does it at the lowest possible price!

We know that running a business is time-consuming, so what better way to focus on your daily administrative routine than letting us help you find the best management agency to run all your social accounts.
Social media offers a leverage drive to raise brand awareness and store visits. But to accomplish those tasks, you need the helping hand of a well-trained social media team. In addition, the larger the number of goals you wish to achieve, the larger the number of people you require in your group.
It is not a simple task, by all means, but the satisfaction of seeing a micro business becoming a small business and such as with the rest is immense.

Better Job

We Offer The Best

Zona Shoppers knows that small businesses are the foundation of countries’ economies.
If we support small businesses, we keep a better place to live, a better economy, and most importantly, a better future.
Our services are numerous and affordable. We have lowered all operating costs compared with other platforms by 30% to 40% and, in some cases, even more.
Please take a moment to check our services and prices with ALL the other e-commerce markets. We assure you that we are the best.

The Most Convenient E-Commerce: Zonas

 Zona Shoppers provides:

–A vast list of services to help introduce your products and manage your sales.

-Zero cost for listing (uploads).

-A commission of 4%.

–Excellent Marketing Plans included in paid Memberships.

–Competitive features equal to or better than the most known e-commerce nowadays.

_Brand Marketing Campaigns included in paid memberships.

You can also select extra services at a low price; 

 -Product Management  

-Extra Instagram Promo

-Extra Pinterest Promo

-Extra Facebook Promo

-YouTube Promo

-Social Management

and many more promotions at the LOWEST price you will ever find


* We place your logo visible during campaigns,

*We place your brand name on the Brand’s names prime menus accordingly to your membership,

 It all depends on the package you choose. Press

Why the low prices?

A small business’s best way to succeed is by cutting expenses, which we have done for you at Zona Shoppers.
Lower prices increase the chances of a business succeeding and having longevity. Therefore, our primary goal for all small businesses is to offer unique solutions at the lowest price possible.
Note regarding Payment Processors Fees: All payment processor services have charges, including currency exchange, payment process, banking charges, and other fees. Zona Shoppers does not receive revenue from any payment processor service; we only provide the venue for transactions between clients and vendors.

What Can You Sell?

You can sell anything from new goods to refurbished goods: Electronics, Handmade, New or Used Clothing, Pets’ Essentials, and even Food.

There are still some items that are prohibited in Zona Shoppers. The complete list of Prohibited & Controlled Products is here.

You will need more marketing than the offer in marketing, so we have developed packages that adjust to low, medium, high budgets. Don’t worry; we will not charge you thousands of dollars for marketing campaigns.  Please check the prices by visiting the Zona Shoppers Marketing information here.    Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding this or any other marketing strategy you would like to develop for your brand [email protected].

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