Sales Thresholds & Evaluations

Store Evaluation and Sales Thresholds

All paid memberships start with a listing number. You can add as many products as you wish according to your membership. To avoid the sales thresholds, you need to be outstanding in several performance qualities stated under this policy. 

Sales thresholds are the action of limiting your listings on Zona Shoppers until your sales and customer service evidence otherwise. Zona Shoppers moves the listing limits once you have proven you are committed to providing high-quality performances. 

At Zona Shoppers, we try to be the most objective possible and give every vendor the same evaluation value. The best way is through a system of points. Each time we make an evaluation, we assign a point to your performance. This way, it is not a matter of biased but an objective examination. 

The evaluations are done in lapses of every three (3) months, accumulating four (4) assessments during the year. 

We verified your previous three (3) months from the evaluation date, and based on that; we assigned your score. 

Here is a list of the essential quality performances we consider during your evaluations.

Quality Performance: Customer Service

Your Customer Service Quality Performance is based on the following actions you as a vendor offer to the customers:

  • The time it takes to solve customers’ concerns: questions, requests for product details, chat comments.
  • The time it takes to resolve a refund, return, or exchange: if you are a dropshipper, this issue may play a big part because the vendor has no access to the merchandise. It will be best to explain the real-time it will take for the product to be delivered to the customer. 

The time taken for customer service must be no more than 48 hours (2 days). Therefore, the faster you do customer service with a positive end, the better your store and sales threshold.

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points if the time is less than 24 hours
  • 2 points if the time taken is 25-42 hours
  • 1 point if the time taken is 43-72 hours
  • -1 point if the time taken is more than 72 hours
  • -2 point if your actions cause damage or scam customer: this is an action we do not tolerate, which cause your store to be on hold or permanently close.

Quality Performance: Sales

You are permitted to list all the products you like (as long as they are not part of the Prohibited and Control Products), but the truth is that sometimes it is not beneficial for you. Keeping up with extensive inventories is complicated, even more, if you are a “one-man/women band.” 

The best performance is to sell at least 10%-20% of your inventory per month. So, for example, if you listed 1500 items, you should be trading at least 300 per month (20%), which means a minimum of 8-10 articles per day. We help you by promoting and placing your products on sites people get interested in. To achieve this type of sale, you need to:

  •  Identify profitable items 
  • Determine those items that sell better within your target population
  • Identify the reasons why a product does or doesn’t sell.
  •  Keep a consistent listing habit; keep your inventory fresh for your customers. 
  • Get better at listing and processing. 

Also, the best inventory is the one you can easily manage on your own or with a small group of people if you have a limited budget or starting. If you have the resources to have a large team, perfect your welcome to keep a large inventory. If you only have 20 items knowing that is the best you can handle, don’t worry; we are here for the micro-businesses too!   

But we recommend that if you are new to entrepreneurship, keep a rhythm you can control. For example, balance your inventory and all other aspects of a business so it doesn’t affect the quality of service to the shoppers. 

Evaluation point system:

Taking into consideration the Micro store with only 200 products

  • 3 points if you sell between 20% to 10% of your listing inventory or sell more than 250 products or services per month
  • 2 points if you sell between 9% to 5% of your listing inventory or services per month
  • 1 point if you sell less than 5% of your inventory or services per month
  • -1 point if you sell less than 20 items sporadically per month
  • -2 points if you sell less than 20 items sporadically per month

Quality Performance: Price

Nowadays, competitiveness has become mighty. We at Zona Shoppers understand the struggles of many to keep up with businesses. We offer the best prices on the market so you can offer the best prices to your customers. We want you to grow your business and your longevity. 

We will address the competition’s prices and compare your prices with other e-commerce to give you suggestions. But, ultimately, it’s up to you to keep competitive. 

  • We evaluate this category by the number of products sold. The point evaluation system is attached to the Quality Performance: Sales.

Quality Performance: Shipping

You are responsible for shipping your items to your customers. We provide access to shipping providers that best help you in the process.

 Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points if you ship your products within 24 hours from order time with tracking number
  • 2 points if you ship your products within 48 hours from order time with tracking number
  • 1 point if you ship your products after 47 hours from order time
  • -1 point if you never ship the products (this is considered scamming and a reason for us to place your store on hold or close it)

Quality Performance: Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

Your evaluation is based on a number system centered on the quality performance you provide to your clients. Returns, refunds, and exchanges are considered one of the most critical aspects of your evaluation. 

 We need to provide the best service to all our customers by offering excellent products, references, and descriptions. We know that they will make the best decision by giving the customers all the necessary tools.  

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for completing any return, refund, or exchange request within 24 hours
  • 2 points for completing any return, refund, or exchange request within 48 hours
  • 1 point for completing any return, refund, or exchange request over 47 hours
  • -1 point for not completing the return, refund, or exchange request
  • -2 point if Zona Shoppers must interfere with providing a refund (this is considering a great fault. At Zona Shoppers, we value the effort of all vendors to satisfy the needs of customers. By not completing a return, refund, or exchange request, you exposed your store to a future hold or even to get close. We at Zona Shoppers work hard to increase the brand awareness of all businesses, including yours. Please consider that the reputation of other companies is based on the whole ecosystem of vendors within Zona Shoppers. More than two (2) faults in this category will place your store on hold until we can figure out how to help with your processes.

 Quality Performance: Return Rate

All vendors on Zona Shoppers must maintain a low rate of returns of about 3% per evaluation. A low return rate indicates that you:

  •  Are selling quality products, 
  • Your sizes are accurate and well explained,
  •  With precise descriptions and photos, 
  • You focus on great products for your target audience, 
  • that your technology is the best,
  •  An excellent service system, etc. 

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for a return rate of 2% or less of the total sold during the period before evaluation
  • 2 points for a return rate of between 3% to 5% of the total sold during the period before evaluation
  • -1 points if your return rate is more than 6% up to 9%
  • -2 points if your return rate is over 10%

Quality Performance: Innovative Products

At Zona Shoppers, we want all vendors to succeed. Offering innovation on products we consider is an excellent opportunity to grow.  

Quality Performance: Policy Statements in Store Description

  • All stores must state their return, refund, and exchange policies in their shipping policies.
  • They must be straightforward, easy to read, and in bullet points.
  • You must state the acceptable return conditions, the price deduction (if any), and the reason for the deduction: “Please be aware all returns must be in the same package, with tags, and conditions as shipped. Any product with damage, without tags, or broken factory seals will be charged a 5% from the original price.”

Note: remember that customers get angry when they receive a charge they believe is unfair, so be aware that acquiring a client is more expensive.

  • Please state the shipping time and price (if any) and if you provide a tracking number (which you need to do).

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for stating store policies, including returns, refunds, exchange, shipping, and tracking.
  • 2 points for stating store policies: including the return, refunds, and exchange, but no shipping and tracking
  • 1 point for stating store policies: only including shipping
  • -1 if you have no policies

Quality Performance: Product Description

All vendors must state a precise description of their products. Remember, your description is what gives the customer the extra sensorial experience they cannot have because the product is not in their hands. Include great quality photos and video, and add details of how to use and care for it. Include a warranty or free return. Those are details that attract clients. 

  • Use bullet points (.) when describing a product, 
  • Be as precise as possible.
  • Do not include non-proven results, such as “eliminate wrinkles in 30 days”, without a scientific study supporting your statements.
  • Include an area for Questions and Answers
  • Include manufacture warranties

 Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for accurate description, including excellent illustrations and video.
  • 2 points for only including a description
  • -1 point for general, vague descriptions; coping from other sites (which can go against the copyright laws)
  • -2 points if your returns are due to good descriptions

Quality Performance: Inventory

All vendors must keep an up-to-date inventory with the exact quantity of their products. In other words, you need to keep up with your sales and stocks in your warehouse.

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for zero cancellation due to over sales
  • 3 points for zero late shipping due to lack of inventory
  • 3 points for zero late exchanges due to lack of inventory or inventory at other locations (dropshipping)
  • -1 point for cancellations on purchases due to lack of inventory
  • -2 points for not canceling the purchase and sending the product after inventory re-stock (more than 2-3 weeks, otherwise specified due to drop shipping).

Quality Performance: Electronic Communications

All electronic communications between vendor and customer must preserve a professional style. Even when the customer is not cordial or professional, the vendor must always show professionalism in their communication. This includes emails, chats, comments, or any other. 

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for maintaining a professional interaction with customers (responding to their inquiries, being diplomatic in the answers (no vulgar words or harsh statements, excusing yourself if the customer is too aggressive)
  • -1 point for not maintaining a professional interaction with customers (responding with aggressive words or not providing the correct answers)

Quality Performance: Coupons & Discounts

  • Zona Shoppers offers 10% discounts for various reasons: signing up for emails, purchases, comments, responses to surveys, interaction on social media, gift cards were given away, special occasions, and others. You need to be aware that you need to consider this 10% discount when pricing. If the person decides to use it, it will be deducted from your sales. There will be only one discount per transaction per shopper.

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for understanding that this is part of the marketing campaign

Unfortunately, this rule applies to all vendors on Zona Shoppers. However, this is one of the reasons why Zona Shoppers offers such low prices, so you can still make a good profit even when you are required to provide a 10% discount.

  • -1 point if the vendor request for refund of the discount

Quality Performance: Prohibited and Control Products

All vendors must list only permitted products. There is a list of Prohibited and Control Products which you can review. Products from the list will be placed on hold until removed. For control products, you must send all documentation before listing. 

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points for following the rules of Prohibited and Control Products
  • 2 points if the vendor deletes the listing immediately upon advisory notice
  • -2 points for offenders of this rule. It is not a matter of Zona Shoppers not wanting you to sell some products; it is a matter of rules and regulations which will make our e-commerce more difficult to regulate. If you feel you are at a disadvantage due to this rule, we suggest finding other e-commerce where your product is acceptable to sell.

Quality Performance: Directing Customers to other Sites

Under no circumstance are the vendors permitted to deviate customers’ traffic to other sites, either by using deceiving names, or descriptions, during electronic communication, or any other way. If a customer presents a concern about anyone requiring visiting other sites or sites for a purchase, the store will be closed immediately. 

Evaluation point system:

  • 3 points when the vendor provides an excellent service to Zona Shoppers and does not promote other sites
  • -2 points when the vendor promotes other sites for customer traffic deviation. The store will be closed because of this action.


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