Product Cancellation

At Zona Shoppers, we strive to give our clients the best service. If you need to cancel a purchase that you have made within 24 hours of the order, here is the fastest and safest way to cancel the transaction.

 Customers: Remember to read the policies written by the vendors. Each vendor has its own set of rules regarding its products. Also, ask if there is any restocking fee.  

Asking the vendor

  • Go to My Account and find the product you want to cancel.
  • Find the vendor whom you purchased the product from.
  • If you are still within 24 hours, request the vendor to stop the sale and cancel the order.
  • Zona Shoppers or any Zona Shoppers vendor will not issue a refund if the product is not shipped.
  • We use the original method of payment to send reimbursements.

After 24 hours

  •  Go to My Account and find the product you want to cancel.
  • If the vendor has already shipped the product, they have the right to charge for delivery expenses like shipping costs.  
  • Write the vendor to verify the shipment, request the tracking number and delivery (make sure it was shipped)
  • If the product was shipped, wait until it is delivered and return it.
  • Zona Shoppers uses the same form of payment to send the reimbursement. 

 General Information

Customers may apply for a refund and return of the product under the following circumstances and after shipping the product back to the vendor: 

  • Bought by mistake: the customer pressed the Buy it Now and forgot to cancel the transaction. The product must be in the same conditions as sent by the vendor: tags in place, excellent conditions, unopened.
  • Not as described: the customer can request a refund if the description of the product is not precise, and by the product itself, the photo of the product must also show details related to the product; for example, the product in a description state a brown color and the picture shows a brown color, but the color sent was cream.
  • Wrong product shipped; the vendor made a mistake and sent the incorrect product; the customer can request a refund.
  • Change of mind: you no longer want the product.
  • Product is defective, broken, or does not work: the customer has the right to request a refund for a defective product.
  • Product and shipping container arrived broken: the product arrived in poor condition, and it is not in working condition; the customer can request a refund.
  • Product damage but shipping container in acceptable conditions: it is recommended that the customer take a picture of the shipping container. If the product is damaged or not working, the customer can request a refund.
  • Product not delivered: the product was not delivered to the customer’s address.
  • Product is incomplete, missing, or broken: the product is not entirely as offered or described; parts are missing even when those parts are not necessary to make the product work.
  • The customer did not make the purchase: if there is a breach of information on the customer’s credit card, the credit card will request a refund of the money and regulations protected by law.


The product must be sent immediately and without damage to achieve an efficient and fast refund. The process is simple; once the consumer desires to return the product, go to My Account, and identify the product. Then, start the return and refund process. The vendor is notified immediately after you press the button for return and refund. The consumer will explain the reason why the decision to return the product. The vendor will respond to you within 72 hours of the first contact.

Once the product reaches the seller’s hands and is examined, the vendor decides how much is the acceptable refund after the examination. If the product is in the same condition as sent by the vendor, you receive a 100% refund.

The customer should keep a tracking number after shipping the product as evidence.
The refund is made directly to the payment method used to pay for the product. The refund does not include shipping costs.

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