Restricted Countries Policy

Zona Shoppers is an e-commerce platform that sometimes connects customers with vendors worldwide. As per the use of this platform, all users must strictly follow the rules and regulations of local and international laws. Zona Shoppers provides general information regarding some limitations, but it is up to each user to verify and acquire the knowledge necessary to conduct sales. This policy is part of the Term of Use.

Complying with the OFAC

Zona Shoppers and all users must comply with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the Department of the Treasury. 

The OFAC lists countries banned from conducting commercial activities with the US and its territories. So, even when you live in a country outside of the US, you are still a representative of Zona Shoppers, and as such, it is essential to get informed regarding local and international laws.

Example of Restrictions

  • The US prohibits commercial activities in geographic areas like Cuba, Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and many more. For the complete list, you can research on the internet or visit the OFAC.
  • Individuals and entities sanctioned by the OFAC, Specially Designated Nationals List, and Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  • Some products are restricted from some countries, and the best way to find out about the product is by visiting the shipping company you are to use.

Zona Shoppers recommends getting advice from your legal advisor regarding your products and the restrictions that apply to them. Zona Shoppers does not provide legal advice or recommendations. 

This guide is subject to change without previous notice. 

The Knowledge Corner

US Department of the Treasury

 Bureau of Industry and Security at the US Department of Commerce

US Department of State

 European Commission

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