Products or Services Contracts Policy

What to Expect When Selling Contracts or Products with Contracts

Suppose you offer products that require a contract or offer contract/s or agreement/s as part of a product or transaction. In that case, you (the vendor) are responsible for following the rules and regulations of the contract or agreement.

  • You are responsible for explaining all the details so the buyer (customer) understands the details printed on the contract or agreement.
  • You (the vendor) need to specify the contract’s details to ensure the buyer understands and agrees with everything.
  • You (the vendor) need to explain to the buyer if there is a monetary payment, a credit verification, and how you will protect the buyer’s private information.
  • Zona, Zona Shoppers App, Zona Shoppers. Academy, Zona Shoppers LLC, or any affiliate, employee, or third party associated directly with Zona Shoppers is not responsible for selling contracts or agreements between vendors and buyers.
  • Zona Shoppers cannot read any contract between vendors and buyers.

You need to copy and paste the following statement into your description.

Zona Shoppers is not part of this contract or agreement. Zona Shoppers is not legally bonded to any arrangement between vendor/s and buyer/s. As such, Zona Shoppers cannot advise on the contractual issues, review any contract or agreement, enforce third parties’ services, contracts, or agreements, or even take a side in a dispute. Any contractual obligation must be presented to the company you have signed the contract or agreement with or your legal advisor.

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