How to Get Free Shipping Supplies

No doubt, the cost of shipping increases every year. Small businesses are battling massive competition against giants like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and many others. But don’t feel defeated; remember the story of David and Goliath. Actually, it is easier for small businesses to adjust to changes than big corporations. Thus, small changes like getting free shipping supplies will save you tons of money. 

There are many ways you can be safe when shipping your products. One of those is by getting your supplies free. Yes, free! Big carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL want you to use their services. Therefore, they offer free supplies as long as you use their services.  

You can save plenty of money in the long run by using their services and getting their supplies.  

How do you get the supplies?

The following large carriers offer free supplies to order either online or pick up at their stations. You need to open a business account with them to receive their benefits. Before you open an account, contact their representatives or visit their sites to get more information about their unique services for small businesses. This is something you should do even if you consider your business to be tiny or sell small amounts.  


image of usps mail box

You can visit your local United States Postal Service and get information. In most cases, the representative will give you a phone number or email of the personnel in charge of businesses accounts. So don’t be afraid to call, get information and succeed!

The supplies come in different package sizes as well as other measurements. For example, they provide envelopes, small boxes, large boxes, it all depends on your needs. Order based on your shipping needs. 

Don’t fill your space with shipping material that will take a long time to use.   

 You can order the following supplies online or at their locations.  

  • Registered Mail Envelopes
  • Priority Mailboxes
  • Priority Mail Express Boxes
  • USPS Tracking Labels
  • Global Express Guaranteed Envelopes

Press here to get USPS Free Shipping Supplies 


With worldwide services, UPS is one of the strongest carriers. They, in some instances, offer the best prices and services for businesses. 

You can visit any of their locations or visit their online stores to find more information. Once you open a business account with them, it is effortless to request supplies.  

You can order the following supplies online or at their locations.  

  • Shipping forms and labels
  • Express envelopes
  • Labels and stickers
  • Pouches

UPS also offers special services for hazardous materials. If you sell this type of merchandise, please visit their page to learn more about the process


image of FedEx free shipping material

FedEx is another excellent carrier. It also has a worldwide service. Their prices are not much higher than UPS. They also offer free supplies. You need to visit one of their locations or their online site. To receive special services, you need a business account.   

You can order the following supplies online or at their locations: 

  • Standard & Special Boxes
  • Tapes
  • Packaging Peanuts 
  • Tubes & Poly Bags
  • Shipping forms and labels 

 Press here to get FedEx Free Shipping Supplies


image of DHL delivery truck with free shipping material

DHL is the most crucial carrier for international shipping. It is because they have competitive prices for international shipping. 

They are not as well renowned as the previous ones, but their services are equally good, just like all prior you need to open an account to receive these services.  

You can order the following supplies online or at their locations:

  • Tubes
  • Envelopes
  • Flyers
  • Others 

Press here to get DHL Free Shipping Supplies

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