Customer’s Purchase Protection

 Zona Shoppers thrives in giving a service of excellence to all its customers. We want your shopping experience to be unforgettable and safe. To make your experience great, Zona Shoppers offers you Customer Protection on most of its products. The Customer’s Protection certifies that your money is safe under the following cases:

    • Bought by mistake
    • Not as described
    • Wrong product shipped
    • The product is defective, broken, or does not work
    • The product or shipping container is broken
    • Product damage but shipping container in the right conditions
    • Product not delivered
    • The product is incomplete, missing part, or broken part
    • I did not make the purchase

  Important Note: the product needs to be purchased using the Zona Shoppers payment method. Each vendor, on their policies, must state any product warranty or guarantee. Zona Shoppers does not guarantee or warrant any product or service vendors provide. We guarantee your payment. 

Zona Shoppers is a venue where vendors list products for sale. The best way to deal with a product’s problem is by contacting the vendor. Send a message to the vendor who sold the product to start communication and find a solution. The vendor has 48-72 hours to respond to your message. If, after 72 hours, there is no communication, Zona Shoppers will step in. We will reply within 48 hours or less.

Customer Protection is a service offered to clients when a product has a problem and needs to be reimbursed. Please read the policies of the vendor before you make a purchase. Some vendors have special requests or offers. Personalized items such as print-on-demand and software are not part of the Customer’s Protection because they cannot be returned. Remember that other fees may be changed (Restocking Fees, Alteration Fees) after returning the item. 

What type of returns does not qualify for Customer Protection?

    • The product was never pick-up at the location or rejected upon delivery
    • Product damaged by the freight company
    • Digital content, some equipment (review vendor’s policy)
    • Remorse Purchase (check Vendor’s Policy)
    • Item damaged at the pick-up location
    • Items are redirected to a different address than the one given to the vendor.
    • Opened sealed packages
    • Products without manufacturer’s tags
    • Used items
    • Items different from those sent by vendors
    • Late returns
    • Items purchased and paid outside of the platform
    • Purchases are made using stolen accounts or payment methods
    • Illegal products from the Prohibited Products list
    • Counterfeited items
    • Any other act that goes against any of Zona Shopper’s policies

How to get a Customer Protection Service:

People who purchase their items through Zona (local or international) are covered under this guarantee, except for unqualified products. The request is simple if your product falls into any of the above qualifications, go to your account, and search for the product on your Orders. You will see the information about the product’s vendor. Press and send the vendor a message with the details. The vendor must contact you within three business days; otherwise, Zona Shoppers will be taking care of and investigating. It is always beneficial to ensure the item is with your shipping company to return it. The shipping insurance protects you from loss and breakage.

The customer is responsible for getting proof (written statement) from the shipping company about its damage upon delivery. In addition, the customer is responsible for customs or duty fees upon delivery. For example, suppose the customer believes the vendor mistakenly overestimates the product’s value. Therefore, the customer must pay more duty fees or customs fees. In that case, the difference must be returned to the customer. 

Important Information for Customer:

    •  Each vendor has its own policies for returning, exchanging, or refunding.
    • Communicate with the vendor for directions about returning.
    • If the shipping package is broken at delivery, ask that the shipping company certify the package’s conditions. This will help you get your refund faster and avoid the Damage/Used Fee.
    • Customers must know that not all items can be returned; please read the vendor’s return policy before purchasing the product.
    • The customer is responsible for the loss if the returned product gets lost and has no shipping insurance.
    • The customer cannot make a duplicate claim (more information on Where is my refund section below) for a Customer’s Protection(refund) or any other service.
    • Once you return the product, the vendor can charge a Restocking Fee or Damage/Used Fee according to the product conditions.
    • If the vendor pays for the shipping and return, the total amount will be deducted from the customer’s refund.
    • The customer can request an exchange or replacement but needs to return the product in excellent condition as delivered. There is a maximum of 30 days for a return. The refund may be denied if the product is in transit and arrives after the last day of return (30th day).  
    • If the customer is on the list of abusive customers, they will lose the benefit of Customer Protection.

Important Information for Vendors:

    • A vendor must state all the returns, refunds, and exchange policies concisely and precisely. They must specify the number of days, processes, addresses, or other relevant information.  
    • Specify the details about your Grace Period for Special Circumstances. For example, holidays, riots, weather inconveniences, or other natural disasters. State the extra days you can provide or the extra care you can afford.  
    • Please specify on your policies the shipping and return methods for hazardous products.
    • Please determine how to process a product that is no longer in good standing or available (for example, surprise boxes, concert tickets, etc.).
    • You need to provide an address with an “easy to find location” by any local or international shipping carrier. Some addresses are difficult to find by the shipping carrier due to abbreviations or misrepresented locations. Suppose the customer cannot return the item due to return address failure. In that case, the vendor must return the product’s total cost even without a returned product. 
    • If the vendor pays for the shipping and return, the total amount can be deducted from the refund.
    • Each vendor has set days for returning the items (except for EU); the average is 30 days.
    • The vendor must refund (upon receiving the product) the money to the customer’s payment method.
    • If a vendor sells, sends counterfeited products, and wants their money back, the customer is not required to return the item. The vendor must still refund the money and the shipping charges (if you used Zona Shoppers shipping, you need to reimburse the funds to Zona Shoppers).
    • The vendor can deduct a fee due to loss of value, restocking, or refusing if it is not the original.
    • During a return, the total amount will be deducted from the refund if there is an extra cost due to customs or duty fees. Evidence must be shown to the customer.
    • The vendor will not charge any fee (Damage/Used or Restocking) if Zona Shoppers gets involved in solving any customer issue.
    • The vendor could not charge any expense if the transaction was canceled within 24 hours.

Important Information to Customers and Vendors

    •  In case of a dispute between customers and vendors, Zona Shoppers will have the last decision.
    • Zona Shoppers will not provide circumstances assistance like translations.
    • If the vendor is no longer with Zona Shoppers or has been suspended, we may contact the customers.
    • Customer Protection protects international customers—more information.
    • We reserve the right to fix any miscalculation, false charges, or error in refund by giving credit or making a debit to settle the situation.

How much time do you have to request a refund?

    •  The time provided to request a refund is 30 days. But some vendors may give more.
    •  The vendor’s policies must:
    • Specify the days (suggested 30 days) the customers must return a product.
    • Specify if there is a fee for Damage/Used or Restocking.
    • Specify details of the customer about Returns and exchanges. 
    • Provide the customer with an approximate delivery time and a tracking number.
    • Specify the customer the proper way to handle the return and request shipping insurance if the product is over a certain amount.
    • The vendor must acknowledge that their store’s policies are their rules and regulations and must be applied under any circumstances.
    • The vendor has three days (72 hours) to answer a return/ exchange/ refund inquiry from customers.
    • The vendor must specify on the policies the number of days (suggested 2-3) to make a refund.

What happens if a problem is beyond someone’s control and they cannot send the package according to the agreed date?

Zona Shoppers provides a grace period if there is a particular circumstance, for example:

    • National Holiday
    • Customer’s location (for international customers)
    • Riots
    • Natural disaster
    • Fraud Investigation

Where is my refund?

The refund will be sent to the original customer’s purchase method. Zona Shoppers always suggests that customers open a Stripe and PayPal account for a faster refund period. The customer can also accept a Store Credit Gift Card for the amount refunded.

The customer cannot make a double request for a refund. For example, if you request a refund through your credit card provider, you cannot request a refund through Zona Shoppers.

The refund may take time to be processed by your method of payment; for example, credit cards may take five up to 30 days to show the refund (primarily local 5-7 days, international up to 30 days), PayPal may take from 2-5 days, banks may take as much as 20 days.

Zona Shoppers guarantees to solve the problem between the customer and the vendor. We will resolve to keep an environment of quality and professionalism. If the vendor does not respond within three days of your request, Zona Shoppers will refund the customer. 

Fees Associated with Returns

Return & Refund Request Options
Applicable Fees
Return-Less Option
The Customer Changed their mind during the return and refund period of 30 days. The product is in the original conditions.
No restocking fees.
Zero Fees
The Customer Changed their mind after the 30 days period. The item was return in the original condition.
Yes. Up to 20% of the item's price. The vendor may not accept, depending on their policies..
Zero Fees
The package is visible damage, and the customer refuses the delivery.
No restocking fees. The vendor pays for return shipping and can file a claim with the carrier or insurance.
Zero Fees
The customer receives a used or damaged item.
No restocking fees. The vendor can file a claim with the carrier or insurance company if they purchased insurance.
Zero Fees
The customer changes their mind about a purchase and returns a non-media item within the return window, but the seller receives the item damaged or materially different than how it was originally shipped to the buyer.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price and shipping costs. It is considered unsellable.
Zero Fees
The customer returns a book within the return window with signs of use.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price. It is considered unsellable.
Zero Fees
The customer returns a CD, DVD, VHS tape, cassette tape, or vinyl record within the return window that has been opened (taken out of the plastic wrap).
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price. It is considered unsellable.
This does not apply to Return-less unless specified in the vendor's policies.
The customer changes their mind* and returns open software or video games.
Yes. Up to 100% of product’s price. It is considered unsellable.
This does not apply to Return-less unless specified in the vendor's policies.
The customer returns an item they received materially different from what they ordered.
No restocking fees.
Zero Fees
The customer return an items completely different from the product sent.
Yes, Up to 100% of product's price
This does not apply to Return-less unless specified in the vendor's policies.

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