Anti-Discrimination & Hate Speech Policy

Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy

The Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy promotes good behavior among different cultures, nationalities, and languages. It states the ground for the development of a better site. At Zona Shoppers, we define our users as an essential component of our service community. We want to promote good behavior, excellence in service, and respect toward one another. 

In Zona Shoppers, our users are people of one world, united for a common good. Based on this concept, the following actions are prohibited and can promote the ending of service:

  • Discrimination against another person, either by their gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, race, color, language, ethnicity, country, nationality, disabilities, others,
  • Discrimination is prohibited by the laws of the human and by the laws of faith,
  • Demonstrations of hate through speech, actions, violence, harassment, and all that shows a lack of respect toward others,
  • Discrimination on service due to any previously mentioned act or description against any person using the site,
  • Discriminate against certain social groups, genders, or races,
  • Discriminate against any person using phycological speech,
  • Users cannot engage in actions that diminish humanity,
  • Vendors cannot state any racial, or discriminatory statement or use a position of power to cause harm or damage to someone,
  • Clients may not make any racial, or prejudicial statements or use a position of power to abuse others,
  • Vendors cannot refuse service based on other activities that those condemned by the law,
  • Vendors cannot open a subscription base of specific remarking groups,
  • Users cannot cause indirect or direct damage to other users,
  • Users cannot use offensive language to communicate frustration or to promote a message,
  • Vendors cannot list products that go against the nature of humanity.

If any user feels mistreated, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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