Customer’s General Protection Policy

Welcome to Zona Shoppers! We value our customers and want to ensure you have a positive experience. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities as our customer, outlined in our Terms of Use. By using our platform, shopping, or browsing, you agree to abide by our policies.

What is Zona Shoppers?

Zona Shoppers is an e-commerce platform where multiple vendors sell their products. We are a growing site dedicated to providing the best prices and products. It’s important to note that we are not a vendor ourselves; transactions on Zona Shoppers are conducted directly between customers and vendors using our platform.

At Zona Shoppers, we strive to offer a great shopping experience. In case of any issues with a product or service, we are here to assist you and ensure a smooth transaction. To maintain a safe and secure e-commerce environment, we conduct vendor verifications and maintain a list of Prohibited Products.

Customers’ Rules of Conduct:

To foster a respectful and positive community, we ask customers to adhere to the following rules of conduct:

  1. Communicate respectfully: Use the messaging system to contact vendors and ask questions. Harassment, offensive language, and hate speech are strictly prohibited.

  2. Keep communication focused: Messages should be related to the transaction and not be used for personal requests, promotions, or unrelated inquiries.

  3. Vendor contact after settlement: Respect a vendor’s request not to be contacted after a settlement has been reached.

  4. Honest feedback: Do not make false statements about a vendor, feedback, or other customers. Unjustified bad reviews and sharing private conversations are not allowed.

  5. Fair practices: Do not interfere with a sale, discourage customers from visiting a specific store, or engage in “click fraud” to manipulate ad clicks.

  6. Respect vendor rights: Do not shame, harass, intimidate, or violate a vendor’s personal or commercial rights.

Your Purchases:

We want you to have a positive shopping experience at Zona Shoppers. To ensure this, please consider the following:

  1. Read product information: Carefully review the product description, and pictures, and ask any questions to the vendor before making a purchase.

  2. Legitimate payments: Ensure your payments are legal and abide by our Terms of Use. Please do not abuse vendor services.

  3. Accurate information: Provide factual and updated information without any intention to deceive or counterfeit.

  4. Compliance with policies: Follow all the Rules and Regulations stated in Zona Shoppers’ policies and our Terms of Use. Violating these rules may result in immediate account cancellation and termination of services.

Leaving Feedback:

Customer reviews and feedback are valuable for assessing the quality of vendors and products. When writing a review, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Respectful reviews: Do not publish blasphemous, harassing, racist, or violent comments that violate Zona Shoppers’ policies. Violations may result in the removal of your review and potential account cancellation.

  2. Protect your privacy: Avoid sharing your private information in reviews.

  3. Avoid promotions or spam: Refrain from using reviews to promote unrelated products or engage in spamming.

  4. No threats or extortion: Do not make threats or attempt extortion in your reviews.

Resolving Order Issues:

Zona Shoppers is here to assist you if you encounter any disruptions or issues with your order. Our team is dedicated to resolving any conflicts between customers and vendors.

Situations Beyond Our Control:

There are certain situations that we cannot control, such as delays caused by carriers, weather conditions, or damages occurring during shipping. Additionally, alterations made by the customer returns without vendor consent and expectations that do not align with the product description are beyond our scope.

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