Listing Violation

  1. Prohibited Products: Listings from the Prohibit & Controlled Products List are unacceptable and will be removed.

  2. Confusing Actions:

    • Outflow Marketing: Vendors cannot promote or redirect customers to other e-commerce platforms.
    • Deceptive or Misleading Discounts: Inflating prices to promote misleading discounts is prohibited.
    • Pre-sale Listing: Offering false pre-sale listings is not allowed.
    • Unrelated Product to Description or Product Identifier: The product description must be relevant to the picture.
    • Item Conditions: Item conditions must be accurately described to avoid misleading customers.
  3. Search and Browse Manipulation:

    • Hard to Understand Titles and Descriptions: Titles must be complete phrases, not just keywords.
    • Confusing Use of Words: Describing one item when the picture reflects another, using hard-to-understand or inaccurate words.
    • Lack of Information: Not providing product details, shipping information, or policies affects your business.
  4. Counterfeiting Products:

    • Counterfeit: Selling products that imitate authentic brands without proper authorization is prohibited.
    • Intellectual Property Infringement: Unauthorized use of trademarks or copyrights is not allowed.
  5. Deceptive Products:

    • Free or Extremely Low Prices: Using false “Free” or extremely low prices to attract customers is prohibited.
    • Duplicate Listing under One Account: Making duplicate listings with the same account is not allowed.
    • Use of False Indicators: Providing false attributes, incorrect prices, or descriptions that create confusion.
    • Location Misrepresentation: Misrepresenting the location of a product is not allowed.
    • Offer a Warranty: Offering a warranty that does not exist is unacceptable.

Please note that violations of these guidelines can result in account holds or cancellations on Zona Shoppers. It is important to adhere to these policies to maintain a high standard of product listings and ensure a positive experience for customers.

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