Children’s Privacy Information Policy

General Information

 Zona Shoppers is not developed for children and kids younger than 18. When browsing or purchasing merchandise on Zona Shoppers, the customer must be 18 or older. Therefore, we do not collect information intentionally or deliberately on children or young kids. Adults over 18 solely provide all information designated as Order Information.

In addition, the information provided to Zona Shoppers must be a free-will action. The minor’s information supplied to Zona Shoppers is solely a decision made by the minor’s parent, caretaker, or guardian.
Due to population size, we do not verify browsers’ age on our site.

However, Zona Shoppers’s policy is that people under 18 cannot be customers. Zona Shoppers also advises caretakers, parents, or guardians that any misused caused by a minor under their supervision is solely their responsibility.

Furthermore, the misuse of Zona Shoppers causes monetary damage to a vendor. Or the actions of minors cause damage to vendors’ products or services. The adults or guardians are solely responsible for the consequences. In that case, the vendor has all the right to claim financial compensation for the minor damage caused. An unauthorized purchase can be considered “damage.”

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