Commission Fees

What is a Commission Fee?

 The Commission Fee is calculated based on each listing’s updated price before any promotion, discount, or any other applicable final price change. For example, the original price of a shirt was $24.99, now it is on sale for $21.99, plus the vendor offers a coupon for 10%. The commission will be based on the sale price of $21.99 before any special offer coupon is applied. 

The Commission Fee doesn’t depend on the membership you selected.  All categories have a commission fee of 4% regardless of the price or number of items sold. The percentage of 4% gives the vendor the opportunity to optimize their sales and increase branding through sales.

Please be aware that transaction fees, including credit cards, PayPal, and other payment services, could have charge fees, for example, 2.9% +.30 cents per transaction. The transaction fee is not the same as the commission fee. Transaction fees are charged by the company or credit service used to process the payment, not by Zona Shoppers. As well, the payment processors can add a special charge for currency exchange which has nothing to do with Zona Shoppers’ commission.

You agree to make the associated payment to the payment processor used by the customer as well as any other charge brought up or associated with the purchase.

You agree to pay the commission fees associated with the commission of Zona Shoppers.

You agree that Zona Shoppers will deduct the commission fees directly from the vendor’s escrow (balance account) account after completing an order and before disbursement. 

If the customer requests a refund, the total amount must be returned, including the commission; otherwise, the commission will be charged.   

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