California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

This Privacy Notice applies to California consumers and is a supplemental part of the Privacy Statement.

In Zona Shoppers, the client provides his information freely if he wishes to receive the services we offer. We call this type of information Order Information. The client provides us with their names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers, and payment information (either credit card, email for payment connection, or bank transfer). If the person is a business ally (vendor), he provides us with information to verify identity, receive payments, information about his products, and more details related to his company.

The other type of information we collect is Personal Unidentifiable Information; visiting hours, information about the IP, pages viewed on the Site, connection devices, search devices, OS type, user location, and some installed cookies. In addition to the products seen. This type of information does not relate to the user’s identity; through this information, the user cannot be correlated by name or personal data.

Another type of information that we sometimes collect is through surveys, which are the free will of each participant. In these surveys, we seek users’ feelings regarding products and services. The information is collected and analyzed to develop a better quality of service. This information does not identify the personal data of users. Therefore, it falls within our category of Personal Unidentifiable Information.

The Site’s chat system also collects the client’s information regarding the services offered. Again, it is information provided by the client and entirely voluntarily.

Terms of use, notices, and revisions

The use of Zona Shoppers is entirely optional for the user. If the user decides to use the services offered by Zona Shoppers, they will follow our Terms of Use regulations. Our Terms of Use explain the limitations to damages, solutions or resolutions, and law applications. If users have questions about using their Order Information or Unidentifiable Personal Information, they can contact [email protected], and we will explain the use of information with pleasure.

It is essential to bear in mind that our business is evolutionary and requires constant changes to our policies and processes. The user should be aware of these changes and read the new policies. Our Terms of Use policy applies to all services Zona Shoppers offers, its users, and vendors. Our policies are aimed at offering a maximum quality of protection. As well as our commitment not to inquire about information without prior authorization. We at Zona Shoppers greatly value your trust.

How we use the information

The main use is to provide a better quality of services. These services include but are not limited to product purchase processing, payment identity verification, promoting more individualized products according to tastes and searches, and providing more specialized services and savings opportunities. The user’s geographical location is also added to bring them closer to small businesses within their area and thus promote local economic growth. We use the information for purchase analysis, user time on the Site, and consumer products. In short, to analyze our users’ consumption habits without the need to interrupt the interaction with the Site and without a correlation with their identity.

Do we sell the information?

We are the most convenient e-commerce that focuses on helping small businesses succeed. We value the trust each user provides to us when giving information. As such, we do not sell any information

The information they can access

All information that the user provides and that he finds in their Dashboard is free to access, alter, and delete. In Zona Shoppers, we do not hide the user’s information on the Site.

Examples of information you can access:

Information that the user provides to the Site voluntarily:

  • Order Information (name, address, email, password);
  • Information for subscriptions.
  • Order information and order history.
  • Payment Information (credit cards, bank information, gift cards).
  • Information is transmitted through emails that the user accepts.
  • Information on special listings (Wish List).

 The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) supplements Zona Shoppers’ (the Site) Terms of Use. Under the CCPA, all California residents can ask a business with annual revenue of over $25 million to disclose personal information, delete that information, or not sell it. Also, this Act allows the user to request the business provide the right to be notified about information collection. The Site user also has the right to disclose the personal information collected, used, or shared. At Zona Shoppers, we are not in the business of buying or selling information.

Categories of personal information collected

  •  Order Information such as name, address, phone numbers, shipping method, and payment method (credit card, email for payment, bank transfer).
  • Unidentifiable Personal Information such as IP address, geolocation data, audio & video information (uses the features),
  • Business information, such as vendor’s business identifiers, and identifier documentation, such as license or business registry.
  • Inference data such as purchases, product browsing, and product preference.
  • Personal information under Unidentified Personal Information when voluntarily answered through surveys. The surveys may cover a broad range of information other than Order Information or Unidentifiable Personal Information. For example, race, sex, marital status, and other protected classes. The collection of information, either in Order or other, is totally voluntary. The user is in her/his right not to share it.  

Disclosure of Information

At Zona Shoppers, we disclose Order Information to third parties only under these circumstances:

  • Order Identifiers: name, address, phone number; for fulfillment purposes
  • Payment Information: to third parties payment processors.
  • Business-related information on the product or service purchased only if it is provided by third parties or assists in providing the service or product
  • Business information for verification purposes if we disclosed the business information (only for vendors) to third parties to verify real businesses.

How to Request to Know?

You can make a request through email at: [email protected][email protected], or [email protected]

Information is only supplied to individuals who provide vast identifiers to correlate with the information requested. In addition, information will be provided to law officials, courts, or any other legal representative upon request.  

 No Discrimination

Zona Shoppers will not discriminate against customers or vendors (users in general) for exercising their rights under the CCPA.

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