Zona Shoppers Study Groups

What are Zona Shoppers Study Groups?

Zona Shoppers Study Groups are exclusive programs where trusted reviewers are invited to provide their opinions on specific products. Participation in these groups is by invitation only. Zona Shoppers provides reviewers with free products to evaluate as part of the program. There are two ways to evaluate a product: through a business petition, where the vendor requests a review, or through a petition initiated by Zona Shoppers.

Once the reviews are uploaded to the product, the vendor needs to respect the genuine opinions of the reviewers. The vendor cannot influence the decisions made by the review panel.

The reviewers are a select group of individuals chosen randomly based on their previous reviews on the platform or under specific circumstances. If you would like more information about the ranking process, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

We take the selection of reviewers seriously and value their commitment to providing honest feedback. As these reviews help consumers make informed decisions, we encourage reviewers to be as truthful and unbiased as possible.

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