Zona Shoppers Customer’s Payment Policy

Zona Shoppers Payments offers a secure shopping environment, allowing customers to make payments confidently. We offer multiple payment options, ensuring a seamless shopping experience through our user-friendly platform.

Customers can utilize credit cards, debit cards, Zona Shoppers Gift Certificates, PayPal, or Stripe for transactions. By using Zona Shoppers Payments, customers agree to our Terms of Use and the stipulations of this policy, which outline your rights and responsibilities.

Acceptance of Terms

By using Zona Shoppers Payments on, its affiliates, or any related services, you consent to the terms set out in this policy. This agreement, constituting a legal contract, binds you and Zona Shoppers.

General Information

Zona Shoppers Payments Service facilitates payments through a secure network, enabling transactions using Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express) or other methods available on our platform.

This service is available to registered customers who are 18 years or older.  People under the age of 18 cannot open an account in Zona Shoppers; it is against our Terms of Use. Please remain vigilant while making payments, particularly in public places or using public networks. If you expose sensitive details, Zona Shoppers cannot guarantee protection against malicious activities.

Remember, identity theft is illegal. We recommend contacting your bank or service provider in case of any difficulties with your chosen payment method. If a transaction fails, consider using a different payment method.

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to terminate services if the platform is used illegally, and may report such incidents to relevant authorities. Always ensure that you understand each payment processor’s offerings and potential restrictions before making a selection.

Third-Party Payment Services

Zona Shoppers collaborates with registered third-party payment providers for services such as card processing, currency exchange, fraud analysis, identity verification, and regulatory compliance. Processing times may vary, and Zona Shoppers will not seek direct payment from you.

Your personal or transactional information might be shared with these third-party providers as required for processing payments. You agree to the terms of the chosen credit services by using Zona Shoppers Payments.

Rights and Responsibilities

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to modify, discontinue, or introduce new payment services. We may implement transaction limits or restrictions on the number of transactions per day for security reasons. We bear no liability if a transaction exceeds these limits or if a vendor withdraws from a transaction.

By using Zona Shoppers Payments, you consent to our right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time. Zona Shoppers reserves the right to decline transactions deemed high-risk, fraudulent, or violating our Terms of Use.

We maintain secure records of Zona Shoppers Payments transactions, ensuring vendors receive only necessary buyer account information. All communication regarding Zona Shoppers Payments will adhere to our Electronic Communication Policy.

Dashboard Accounts

Upon subscription, customers can access a private dashboard showing payment services, purchase history, and shipping details. Please ensure your payment information is accurate and current, and avoid sharing dashboard access to maintain security. Provide a strong email and password to keep the account safe. We strongly suggest changing your password every six (6) months for security purposes.  We may initiate an investigation if discrepancies in sales and product numbers occur.

Dispute Resolution

Customers and vendors must resolve conflicts professionally per the Terms of Use and Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy. Zona Shoppers will work as an intermediary if there is a misunderstanding or dispute between the parts. The vendor must accept returns, provide refunds, or exchange products in their original condition. For more information, visit our Product Cancellation policy.


Customers can use the message tool on the dashboard for communication. All correspondence regarding payment should follow the Electronic Communication Policy.


Customers can initiate refunds or adjustments through their dashboard, after which vendors receive a notification for approval. All refunds are returned to the original payment method unless it is unavailable, in which case a gift certificate or e-wallet credit will be issued.

International Trade Laws

By using Zona Shoppers Payments, customers agree to comply with local, state, federal, and international laws and regulations. Transactions associated with embargoed countries or prohibited commercial relations are not allowed. Additional fees may apply for international transactions.

Return Fees That May Apply

Return & Refund Request Options
Applicable Fees
The Customer Changed their mind during the return and refund period of 30 days. The product is in the original conditions.
No restocking fees.
The Customer Changed their mind during the return and refund after the 30 days period. The item was return in the original condition.
Yes. Up to 20% of item’s price
Package is visible damage and the customer refuse delivery.
No restocking fees. The vendor pays for return shipping but can file a claim with the carrier or insurance.
The customer receives a used or damaged item.
No restocking fees. The vendor can file a claim with the carrier or insurance company if they purchased insurance.
The customer changes their mind about a purchase and returns a non-media item within the return window, but the seller receives the item damaged or materially different than how it was originally shipped to the buyer.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer returns a book within the return window with obvious signs of use.
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer returns a CD, DVD, VHS tape, cassette tape, or vinyl record within the return window that has been opened (taken out of the plastic wrap).
Yes. Up to 50% of product's price.
The customer changes their mind* and returns open software or video games.
Yes. Up to 100% of product’s price
The customer returns an item they received materially different from what they ordered.
No restocking fees.
The customer return an items completely different from the product sent.
Yes, Up to 100% of product's price
The vendor will provide a refund in the form of store credit

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