General Picture Policy

The best product presentation you can provide is a picture or video. Photos must be of a maximum of 1MB. We recommend including the Front, Side, Back, and other details. The best number of images is 4, and a video or 5 images.  

Consider the pictures or video the most important asset of your business. They represent the essence of your product. Therefore, pictures should always be presented in good quality, with excellent lighting, and expose all details. 

What Your Picture Must Not Have:

  • It must represent the exact conditions of the product and the product itself.
  • You must represent only the product you sell, not misleading or misguidance messages.
  • It must not cover defects, damages, or usage marks.
  • Must have all details exposed.
  • It must not have borders or anything other than the picture itself.
  • Must not have texts, links, or information that leads the customer to visit other sites outside of Zona Shoppers.
  • It must not include watermarks. The best solution to protect your pictures and products is by soliciting legal protection.
  • Must be appropriate to be seen by minors (in case households use a shared computer or cell) 
  • If you sell underwear or undergarment, all genitals, and nipples must be covered

Unfortunately, breaking the rules regarding the listing using pictures not acceptable to Zona Shoppers will place the store on hold. It is necessary to have a coherent ambient for all vendors. As such, all vendors must follow Zona Shoppers regulations.

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