Feedback Limitations Policy

When you receive excellent service, we want to hear about it. The vendor also wants to hear about it. High remarks make them improve the quality of service. You can express how your purchase went or how the product is. We encourage all customers always to give a review; now, writing a review is not an open door for abuse! 

What do we expect when the customer writes a review or feedback?

 General Rules for Customers:

    • Before you place feedback or leave a comment, please read the Anti-Discrimination & Hate Policy.
    • To use professional language, not profanities, not an abusive language, not threats. You give your opinion more acceptance if you show respect toward others.
    • “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it” Zona Shoppers understands that on certain occasions, the product is not up to your satisfaction, BUT please express that disproval without insults or unacceptable language. If your expressions are considered offensive, Zona Shoppers has the authority to erase your comments. 
    • Do not use feedback or comments to manipulate the vendors. Zona Shoppers vendors know we support them.
      • Do you promise good or bad feedback to make the vendor act a certain way?
      • Vendors cannot force a customer to write good feedback under any circumstances.
      • Customers cannot use input based on information that was not and does not belong to the product.
    • Do not intimidate the vendors into not returning the product if the refund is not sent first.
    • Do not harass a vendor with a bad review if the return shipping costs are not paid or lowered. The vendor cannot control the postal service; neither must they pay for returning items unless specified. 

General Rules for Vendors

 Vendors cannot send partial refunds based on bad feedback or request to send partial cashback for good feedback.

    • Vendors cannot ship extra products in exchange for good feedback.
    • Vendors cannot send monetary compensation over good feedback.
    • Vendors cannot harass customers through mail to request good feedback.
    • Vendors cannot send exclusive coupons in exchange for good feedback.
    • The vendor cannot prohibit the use of a warranty in exchange for good feedback.
    • Vendors cannot threaten customers over feedback.

Feedback Limitations

 Vendors cannot request to block any customer from leaving feedback. What is not permitted is a feedback of hate or discrimination against the vendors or anyone. 

Here are the general rules about feedback limitations:

    • The vendor cannot request to limit the use of the site.
    • The vendor cannot ask to restrict the space of expression.
    • The vendor cannot ask to restrict the customers from paid services or promotions over lousy feedback.
    • Vendors cannot withhold refunds over wrong input or lack of feedback.
    • Finally, vendors cannot act against the orderly policies and the Term of Use over the lack of feedback or bad feedback.
    • The best way to fix bad feedback is by asking the customer why and what can be done to improve the services.  


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