Advertisement Policy

Zona Shoppers’ promotion policy, also known as “marketing,” “social management,” or “brand awareness,” is not intended to be a legal representation of any company. For all-inclusive marketing on your membership, you should seek guidance and legal representation for your company. Based on that guidance, you should develop the concept for your promotion. Once you have the image or vision, please send it to Zona Shoppers to start your brand awareness.  

Our policy is based on providing a service you have chosen voluntarily to present your products to potential clients. Therefore, our promotion does not guarantee the rapid growth of your brand or income.

The promotion you want must follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the FTC and CARU.

Zona Shoppers is always in the best disposition to help small businesses to excel. First, however, the company must seek all possible information on the rules that apply to it. 

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to change this information or part without prior notice. 

The vendor points out no responsibility for the reception of their campaign on the customers. Neither will file for a legal dispute or remuneration. The job of Zona Shoppers is to place marketing or promotion on social media accordingly to the selected membership and the illustration (image) or video you supplied. 

Zona Shoppers does take responsibility for the outcome the image or video you provided can have over your brand. For better results of brand awareness, please read this guide. Remember, this is only a guide, not a piece of legal advice. You should always consult with your legal team before sending any image.  

General Rules:

 The Best Design Start by:

    • Catchy Headline
    • Powerful Image (image must be accordingly for a wide range of ages)
    • Strong Message (do not include offensive words (“bad words”), do not include politics or religious expressions)
    • Describe the Best Features of the Product or Service
    • Sell the Solution, Not the Problem 
    • Include your Business Name or Logo
    • Make Short and Precise Descriptions
    • Use Bright Colors, but not in excess 
    • Use Neutral, Elegant, or Vibrant Backgrounds; do not use aggressive symbols or themes. 
    • Must have Readable Size Letters 
    • Use Images with High Resolution 
    • Make your Ad Memorable  

How Not to Design an Ads 

    • Please do not use the animation using flashing lettering or drop-down menus, pops, repetitions, or movements for collaborative marketing. We only accept images with the brand name on them. We add the rest.  
    • You can use all the decoration you want during your unique campaigns where your product is presented by itself.
    • Remember, simple is better. 
    • Do not use Flash to create your adverts. 
    • Do not use a button to request private information; this goes against Zona Shoppers’ policies.   
    • While in your store, do not redirect the customers to sites inappropriate for all ages or adult content. 
    • Do not include fake functionalities: for example, the Play Button or Poll’s button.
    • The ads must not promote illegal or unsafe products or actions, hate speech, or discriminatory messages. 
    • The products must not be part of the Prohibited & Controlled Product List.
    • Do not design an ad that infringes a third party’s rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, or publicity. 
    • The ads must be suitable for all ages viewing, so sensationalist ads or ads with redirection shocking or violent content are prohibited.
    • Do not make adverts based on misinformation.
    • Do not make ads based on controversial ideas like politics, religion, race, gender, or other concepts that can cause controversy. 
    • Do not create an advertisement in your store to redirect the customers to non-functional sites. 
    • Do not make ads with profanities or symbols associated with hating speech. 
    • Do not design ads based on multilevel marketing.
    • Do not transfer an ad with malware or spyware. 
    • Do not promote unacceptable businesses like schemes or scams. 
    • Do not try to bypass our ads review or redirected sites. 

The Community

    • It would be best to use photos for your ad that can be seen by a broad community that includes various genders, beliefs, and ages, including children. 
    • Your store’s ads must not redirect Zona Shoppers’s community to third-party deceiving sites with browsing control. Additionally, you cannot direct your customers to your independent domain if your environment is out of Zona Shoppers.   
    • Your ads should be easy to manage or engage with. 
    • Your ads must not have flashing borders, lettering, or other excessively repetitive animation; flashes or intense lights are prohibited in Zona Shoppers due to light-sensitive users.
    • Your store adverts must not contain fake functionality, non-working buttons, non-working drop-down menus, or search forms.
    • Ads must only show information about the product or service.
    • Your advertisement redirection site must be related to the product or service promoted. 
    • Your ads do not reflect the Terms of Use of Zona Shoppers, but you must understand that you agree to our Terms of Use and Policies by voluntarily accepting our services. 

 Direct Product Advertisement

    • You must redirect your ads to the product or store within Zona Shoppers.
    • You agree that we can promote your products through our social channels by using videos at no extra cost to you.
    • Please visit the site of IAB and follow their guidelines to make the perfect adverts. 
    • The Interactive Advertising Bureau is an organization based on advertising that develops industry standards, does research, and provides legal advice. It has a presence in the USA, Canada, and Europe.


    • You are responsible for ensuring that your product’s claims, warranties, guarantees, or other assurances comply with applicable laws and regulations.  
    • We reserve the right to avoid displaying your advertisement that, at our discretion, may violate applicable law, industry standards, or Zona Shoppers policies. If unsatisfied with your promotions, you can consult your legal representative to verify if it affects any federal, state, or international regulation.
    • We reserve the right to reject your ad at our sole discretion if we consider it is not optimum for our platform. Without our consent, you cannot use the Zona Shoppers’ name as part of your ad. In addition, your ad cannot, under any circumstance, give the impression of simulating the Zona Shoppers brand or services, including typography, colors, essences, and all that complies with Zona Shoppers’s brand.  
    • We do not support or welcome adverts encouraging sensitive, conflictive, or offensive matters. These are some (but not limited) list of examples:
      • Unlawful or Illegal games of any kind.
      • Dishonest tactics to gain attention; for example, meager prices to call for inquiries, 
      • Products with unsupported documentation that promote cures or specific health benefits.
      • Promotion or glorifying hate speech, hate crimes, unlawful activities, obscenities’, violence, child abuse in all its forms, and any other suggestion that goes against society’s civil and peace.
      • Advertisements for firearms and all-inclusive or explosives are prohibited.
      • Explicit or semi-explicit adult content like nudity or sexual products.
      • Promotion of unlawful medications, substances, or drugs. 
      • Promotion of razing, religion, or politics.
      • The use of email aggregators.
      • Payment services, payment collection, credit, loan, escrow, money wire services, or anything closed or similar are prohibited.
      • Ponzi schemes, Pyramid schemes, Get Rich Fast schemes, Work from Home schemes, Free Money schemes, and other unlawful or illegitimate offers are prohibited.
      • Medical services such as cosmetic services, body enhancement, dental procedures, or any other service that can affect a person’s health, living, or everyday living are prohibited. Only verified medical doctors or clinics with medical licenses and/or board certifications can promote their services.
      • Links or sites directed to collect private information.
      • Products included in Prohibited & Controlled Products.
    • Ads that affect Zona Shoppers policies must be removed from the platform or any other site or place associated with Zona Shoppers.  
    •  Zona Shoppers is a registered brand and logo trademark. The use of the logo and/or brand is strictly regulated.
    • Third parties can use the brand or logo only under legal contracts. Zona Shoppers marketing is the only one permitted to place its name and logo in all social media and marketing ads.  

Third Parties 


    • No advertisement can violate the trademarks or intellectual properties of others. We reserve the right to remove any ad that falls into this action.  

Negative Messaging

    • Zona Shoppers does not accept negative marketing against other members of our community. The marketing should focus on individual products without the need to minimize others.  

Data Collection

    • The users of the Zona Shoppers platform cannot collect data from their campaigns done through Zona Shoppers. All data is protected under Zona Shoppers Privacy Policies and is not to be disclosed or sold. Zona Shoppers will provide you with specific data that will help you know the impact of each campaign.

Integration of Brands

    • Our ads are the product of the images produced by you. Without your consent and payment, we cannot develop particular images or enhance photos. Our marketing is based on integrating different brands without affecting each other and giving each other the right time to be presented. The ads include the vendor’s brand, message, product image, and the proper category in Zona Shoppers.  

 Third-Party Vendors

    • Sometimes, Zona Shoppers requests third-party agencies to help Zona Shoppers marketing. Those third-party would not imply charges to you if you did not ask for extra services. However, you are responsible for the additional cost if you request special images or services. 

 How does Zona Shoppers Marketing work?

The Process for Collaborative and Affiliates Campaigns:

    • As soon as your store is ready to start selling, you will send an image that best represents your brand. 
    • The image cannot be more than 1MB.
    • Your image will be placed into carousel-style marketing, along with other brands. You don’t need to place your brand’s name on the image. 
    • We want a coherent image across the marketing, so we will do our best not to place your photo with similar products, but we don’t guarantee it will not happen.  
    • We will try to complement your image with other products that make your ad pop. If we cannot find the right combination of products, then your products will have other products in between (different) to avoid confusion. For example, the first image is about dresses; the second image is about sunglasses; the third image is about accessories, and so on. Please visit Four to Social to see the portfolio.   
    • Please be aware your campaign will run for 30 days within the geographic area best for your store. 
    • We may suggest the best areas, but it is better to stay close to your geographic location. This will help you increase sales. For example, US vendors should boost sales in the states; the Caribbean should market within the Caribbean, etc. We can do precise marketing if you are a micro-business.  
    • Please follow the instruction Four To Social will send to your email for your independent marketing. You can use the same images if you like; we have no problem. 
    • Each membership has several marketing campaigns included. We also offer a different number of marketing to improve your chances of succeeding (even though we do not guarantee an increase in sales) at an economical price; check here.

If you wish us to help you with your image, store video, or another type of promotion, you can communicate with us, and we are more than glad to set a price.  

We will work hard so your brand receives constant viewing, but it is up to you to send the images for the promotion.

We also request that the client continues promoting their products on their part. This increases the chances of brand awareness.  

Collaborative Marketing

Collaborative Marketing is the process in which multiple brands advertise together without competing against each other. For example, at Zona Shoppers, we collaborate with Four to to promote various brands within one campaign so the vendor can receive brand awareness promotion at a meager price.  

You can request more independent promotions, but each extra independent promotion may have a high price.

How does it Work?
    • By purchasing one of Zona Shoppers Memberships, you consent to place your image/s with other brand’s images in collaborative marketing in either reel, carousel, or any different technique that best promotes all the brands.
    • You will not find Zona Shoppers responsible if your sales do not increase after a section of marketing. We do our best to raise your brand awareness, but there is no guarantee that our brand awareness guarantee increases sales; thus, you will bring no legal action against Zona Shoppers under such circumstances.
    • You consent Zona Shoppers to place all brand names or logos on the same side, with the same size font, font style, and best marketing messaging on each photo brand. If there is a possibility to promote your brand using a specific font or message, we will try our best, but it depends on time and space constriction.   
    • You consent to Zona Shoppers to adjunct your brand image within a marketing collaboration, either affiliates, social promoters, or multiple platforms most appropriate for your products. Further, you consent to avoid reviewing Collaborative Marketing Campaigns if there is a lack of time.
    • You agree that when in a request for approval, you are given one (1) opportunity to make changes to the campaign (this is a message or photo).
    • You also consent to Zona Shoppers to present your campaign in platforms best aligned with your target audience. If you disagree with the offer presented, we will accept suggestions up to one time. If you are still not satisfied, then our collaborator Four to Social, will not conduct your marketing.

If you are unsatisfied with Collaborative Marketing, you will renounce the marketing, losing one or all of your advertisements within your membership. We will notify you of your decision and try to make you reconsider the options.   

You agree that Zona Shoppers will not guarantee a request for approval for collaborative campaigns. No legal disputes will be brought against Zona Shoppers for lack of consent or request for authorization for any marketing. You agree that you provide the image to be used in the marketing, and as such, you relinquish your rights over such an image.  

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to make changes to this policy. Therefore, you must check our policies periodically to verify any changes. We may inform you about the changes through a dashboard or email. 

Updated March 2021

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