Vendor’s Protection Policy

The Vendor’s Protection Policy offers all vendors an extra layer of protection. Zona Shoppers works hard to protect their vendors’ names. At Zona Shoppers, we provide peace of mind and a great working platform where vendors know they are respected and cared for. Our job is to find a solution to common problems that affect the vendors’ day-by-day commerce. We are here to resolve customer conflicts, investigate chargebacks, help with refunds, returns, payment processes, and much more. We are here to serve our most valuables!

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. To qualify for Seller Protection coverage, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

Which are the Requirements?

  • All vendors must be registered, and all the information must be up to date. 
  • All vendors must have at least 20 items listed and provide customers with excellent service.  
  • All vendors must have excellent evaluations and high points to satisfy this requirement. Please visit Selling Threshold and Evaluation Process. 
  • All vendors must keep updated listings as part of our Protection Policy. 
  • No fees, no upgrades are needed; you do not need to pay extra to be protected.  

How to Protect Your Merchandise

  • Always make a record of the number of products you are sending, including the accessories. 
  • Take pictures displaying the whole product and the packaging of the product. 
  • Take pictures showing the product’s package is sealed, showing tags or any other identifier. 
  • This easy to do steps will work as evidence in the case of future claims. 
  • Also, take a picture of the products on the shipping container and the tracking number. Then, provide the tracking number to the customer.

You can also place a message in your shop: “We have taken measures to confirm our products are new and in great condition.” 


  • You can pay more and add insurance, so your packages are delivered to the right person without breakage. This action will put you behind by about USD 4.00. Still, it assures the product arrives in excellent condition and on the hand of the customer. This action is cheaper than having to refund the customer. You can claim the insurance if the package arrives in bad shape or the product is broken. This method is not practical if you have extensive sales volumes.   
  • If you have large-scale sales volumes, request an invoice from your provider or wholesaler. This is to verify the product is in the proper condition, original, and with all the accessories. If you receive an old product, you can show the invoice (covering the private information and where you obtain the product) as evidence you are a dealer for the merchandise. In addition, if the serial number on the product is like the one on the invoice, you have a piece of robust evidence. 
  • Print the provided by Zona Shoppers and stick it to the product on the tags, box, or anywhere it shows it is a brand-new product.
  • If the customer is frequently dishonest, please notify Zona Shoppers through our email: [email protected].

Delivering a Product

  • Make sure to use the address given by the customer.
  • Mark the order as “shipped,” but wait for payment confirmation before you send the product.
  • Ensure the order is shipped by the date you listed on the product or your page.
  • Include the tracking number.
  • If possible, include a Signature Required. It is an extra cost, but it will save you many headaches.  
  • Send an email to the customer with the tracking number.
  • If possible, keep records or evidence of the conditions you send the package. It will help you if the delivery company causes damage to the packaging. Then, you can claim the insurance. 

Not Eligible Transactions

  • If you send your products before payment confirmation,
  • If you deliver the products yourself,
  • If you sell products out of the Zona Shoppers platform, for example, home sales, 
  •  If the product is sent, despite advice from Zona Shoppers otherwise,
  • If you did not respond to the customer on time within 72 hours.

How do Zona Shoppers Protect You?

Protection from Abusive Customers:

  • We remove negative feedbacks and open cases that may affect your metrics if the customers’ behavior is abusive. , So also is any of the following: 
  • If the customer returns are not as initially shipped:
  • For example, broken seals, packages, or any other action that will incur extra expenses to bring back to original conditions; the vendor has the right to request a 20% value.
  • The vendor has the right to charge 50% of the value for Damage & Repairs if the product was returned broken. Before refunding the charges, the vendor must provide evidence of such damages before and after images and explain the situation to the customer. In addition, we will work closely with the vendor to remove any negative feedback from damaging your metrics.  
  • The vendor has the right to charge 100% plus shipping if the product returned is not the same as shipping. For the vendor to collect 100%, they must provide sufficient evidence supporting such action. For example:

Information of GTIN, UPC, or unique identifier of the product in correlation with warehouse order

  • The vendor needs not show the name of the warehouse, contract, or payment method, and ONLY the number in agreement with the product in dispute.  
  • Pictures or images of the product when shipped and conditions. 
  • Any other evidence to confirm you sent a brand-new item and received something different than the original.  
  • Top Sellers (according to evaluation; please visit Product Threshold & Evaluation) are protected if they receive a claim “item was not as described.” You may charge for the return shipping for those making false claims. You also need to report the customer to [email protected] or through internal communication. 
  • Before taking action, you need to contact the customer and explain the situation. You can use this example when communicating with the customer: “Thank you for shopping with us at (your store name). We are always working hard to keep all customers satisfied. Please provide details as to why you considered the item was not as described. This action will be agile the refund and will clear any doubts. If we consider the item sent correctly described, you have the right to deduct the shipping costs and other necessary costs. Thank you.”
  • You can cancel any order if the customer requests items, processes, or any other not offered by the vendor.
  • Events out of your control. If an event out of your control interrupts the shipping process, then you can:
  • Communicate with the customer and explain the situation
  • Cancel and refund the customer
  • Zona Shoppers will eliminate damaging postings or feedback done by the customer.  

Not received Item claims. To be protected, you need to use one of the integrated shipping carriers on Zona Shoppers. 

  • Please show the following:
  • Tracking information includes:    
  • Shipping date & time
  • Delivery status of Delivered or Attempted Delivery (or similar depending on the country)
  • Date of delivery or attempted delivery
  • Shipping address as it shows on the Order Details
  • Signature confirmation for items of value $500 or more

Items not returned. You do not need to do a refund until the item is returned. If the return period passes, you do not need to worry about the refund. 

  • You are protected if you specify on your policies that you do not do refunds. Zona Shoppers will eliminate any bad feedback from this action. 
  • Multiple refund requests. The customer is entitled to receive a full or partial refund depending on the conditions of the merchandise. You are protected if the same customer makes multiple refunds, multiple chargebacks, or multiple PayPal protection. Numerous requests are prohibited and are closed immediately after review. 
  • Unrecognized transactions. If the customer claims that there is an “unrecognized” transaction, you need to show:
  • Order details
  • Tracking number
  • Delivery status
  • Delivery date
  • Delivered address
  • Signature confirmation
  • You need to make sure you are delivering to the address in the record. If you see an address change, please confirm with the customer.  

You are not Protected if:

  • Record information on Zona Shoppers is not up to date
  • Use out-of-site resources for payment and shipping
  • Your evaluations are on level 1 of 2
  • If the product is on the Prohibited list or if it did not follow the requirements for Control Products
  • You have your domain store and present your products exclusively through your site (marketing is not acceptable to connect your products on Zona Shoppers)
  • Your products are from dropshipping.
  • Your products are recalled, damaged, or low quality
  • Your products cause any harm to the customer
  • Zona Shoppers find reasons to believe your actions are not under the Zona Shoppers’ Terms of Use.

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